about the 360° interactive photos.

i made several tests of uploading/downloading 360° photos on wordpress and other platforms, but unfortunately the SYVR360 app won’t recognize the files after downloading. when i send the files by email directly there’s no issues, but the wordpress site is either compressing/decompressing or encrypting/decrypting the images, changing the end result, or removing some signature data from the images and thus the app don’t recognize the images anymore (same with subscription mails from the blog), not making possible to view them in interactive way — to zoom in/out, turn in any direction etc. … i’m not going to waste my time for testing 360° videos online since even photos have issues, other things to do right now. the app allows to upload images/videos directly from the app itself, to some social platforms, but again, no time to test everything, no need for this — i mean no need to post online interactive 360° photos/videos.. so far i can deliver content with regular photos and videos. when the software will be well developed to be more user-friendly then i will take another look, when necessary.

below is a stitched 360°x2 photo which should rotate after clicking on it, and after automatic zoom-in it should be possible to move freely in any direction. not sure it will work in browser (or in every browser), but at least on android tablet stitched photos work without the app which created them (not in every photo viewer though). it’s just another quick test.. i figured out that the SYVR360 app stitches photos on demand, for sharing..


you can download the stitched photo to try in your device, by the link ..


i repeat that this is just a test — don’t desperately try the make the photo work interactively if it doesn’t move after few attempts — if you’re subscriber then your email may just not support interactive 360° files or wordpress itself removes some data upon uploading. in any case first you should click in the center of the photo to switch it into interactive mode (you’ll see it works if the photo zooms in), and to make 10 pushups on the floor for it to activate.. the latter may not help actually, same as with prayers.. you’ll need to have several people for a stronger effect.

first 360×2 photos, test.



Android ..
Apple ..
PC ..


if downloading of the above photos is impossible try here ..



nb! you need to install the app/program SYVR360 by the links i provided or searching on internet (google play on android for example). the full size files of the images (or videos, when i will post them in 360×2) must be downloaded — if you crop the photos above then the downloaded app/program won’t recognize the files.

you don’t need virtual reality (VR) glasses.. your smartphone/tablet/pc will work perfectly allowing you to turn the photos around in any direction and in several modes. VR glasses are for gaming, i don’t play games and don’t even have VR glasses.. for me it’s a waste of time. for some professional training VR is good though. here i simply test the capacity to give a better overview of a surrounding when i will need it. some practical training so to say.