a beautiful alley.

yesterday cleaned some 150 meters of the alley from public road till the house, cutting invasive plants and trees. it was becoming difficult to walk and ride a bicycle through the jungle closing in from every side. i thought it will be a 20 min easy work but ended up clocking over 5 hours of non-stop physical exercise till the dark, so i took the photos today in the sunlight. alley is clear to pass easily now but i couldn’t cut all the dry branches high on trees.. there’s still work to do.

2017-04-22 09.10.15 alley 1

2017-04-22 09.15.20 alley 2

2017-04-22 09.15.38 alley 3


cutting jungle around house.

today, beginning of clearing. behind me is not a young forest or something — it is a supposed garden, or was, some decades ago perhaps. cutting all by hand. well, not an empty hand.. with a knife and an old rusty saw, just for physical training. ten times more work to do here, and this is only a small garden at the entrance.

2017-04-03 house jungle clearing 2

view from second floor on the other side of house. from first floor would only see.. mm.. a jungle again, and a mountain of construction trash left behind decades ago and taken over by plants. including trees..

2017-04-03 house window view 2


life is beautiful..

after years of travelling and often living in tent, especially the last two and half years, i have finally found a decent place to live.. no more under a bridge, under trees or in a field. now i have keys to an empty house which was a mess few weeks ago, with a jungle in the garden. it still needs to be taken care of to make suitable for a better living (no water and no electricity), but at least i have a solid roof to protect from elements. luckily here’s rarely below zero, perhaps only -1 or -2 some nights, and importantly here the rough storms don’t shake my home — the tent i live in — sometimes waking up in the middle of a swamp, half in water.. then walking around a day or few wet and cold, carrying around heavy bags. it also feels good not to be woken up by drug addicts shaking the tent, or the police telling to find another place. who knows how long i can stay here but i enjoy every moment of it. that’s my life in 2017, after 18 years in exile and never been admitted to be a refugee in any country where i have asked an asylum (read my biography). my boys have grown up by now, without me, back in my country, so i don’t need to take more risks to try to visit them and to be imprisoned again with no charges. now they can visit me themselves if they want to. life is only getting better, at least for me. perhaps only the renewing of my passport in an embassy will be a bit of a challenge, then there will again be few years in the state of zen.

// posting some pictures..