the / .net domains




as i explained in my previous article..

.. i no longer need the local domains related to paris. the domains available to purchase:


one option, for someone interested, is to use the domains without the need to buy them from me. if i like the project then i’ll give the domains for use with no pay while having a part in the business. you can also get the ownership of the domains for a reasonably small price while leaving me a part in the business with no active participation in it, or you can offer something else in exchange for the domains. all options are on table as i simply no longer need the domains.

i acquired the domains over ten years ago after a research for any restrictions of use (copyright, trademark) — there are no restrictions. the research was done officially by a known company in luxembourg. i did an additional research myself as well, to be absolutely sure, because the domains are not cheap.

please feel free to contact me for any questions by my email..

Mr. Alex Kobold: [at]

as i have decided to go away from france quite soon i see no point to publish my local phone number here. i will give by email the phone number which i’m currently using.


the youthextension wordpress blog remains active regardless of the fate of the domains which i’m trying to sell.. my books which i have published for free will so far also remain free to download and permitted to share..

with best regards, Alex




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