seeking a free country to go to, selling local domains.

france no longer is a free country, i’m seriously considering going away from here. it’s sad though.. after traveling around the world visiting well over 30 countries, living and working in over 10 of them, i chose france as the country where finally to settle down. now though here you can find no work unless you’re vaccinated. you even can’t enter a hospital if you have no covid test done, which before was free but now you have to pay a considarable sum for each test which is accepted for three days only. many activities are restricted for those not vaccinated and it appears to me it’s only getting worse — more restrictions are coming.

i have lived in some supposedly still fee countries before and got friends there as well, welcoming me to come back any time, but i’m looking for a free country where i’ve never been before. i don’t really like to repeat a passed route and am seeking for something new to discover, even if it brings temporary hardships.

difficulties are good for the health of the brain and body, which in the end keeps you living longer. it doesn’t mean that i’m not wishing to have a stable life and keep my health in order with other activities than a stuggle for survival, provided that the stable life is interesting enough for me, but i don’t see a struggle for survival as something bad. the struggle just needs to include enough new and interesting to learn — a country where i’ve never been before is an option.

if i don’t speak the local language it’s even better because to learn another language is very beneficial for the health of the brain and therefore for the whole body, and it’s useful in life in general to know many languages. so far i speak freely only six languages which isn’t enough for even half of the world.

as i’m quite sure i’m going away from here rather sooner than later then i’m going to sell the domains related to paris:

if you have an interest in buying the domains or just one of them please feel free to contact me. you’ll find my email in this article:

.. in the article you can also find out how you can help me with work, if that’s what you can offer.

if i go to a place where i’ve never been before, without money, then it better be a warm place in winter. one country i think of is portugal, beginning with lisbon as the place to find work — there’s a street paper selling option to make some small income for start. after learning the language it will also be easier to move to brazil if i choose to.

south america – i’ve been there shortly – is a place i plan to discover for myself but the covid vaccination craziness needs to end before i can go there. europe is my current place to stay as i can’t travel long distances – i mean overseas – without the covid vaccination.. unless someone offers me a trip in a private jet or a yacht.

travel by land in europe is also restricted: in long haul trains you need the covid vaccination, but i have enough experience in travel that getting from paris to lisbon in under a week is still possible.

if you have any ideas where to go — a country which is still free and seems to remain free — please let me know. any and all information which helps me to decide my next destination is very welcome.


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