things happening

as it wasn’t enough things to run around about whole day, yesterday evening one drunken man bothered me near the tent offering to drink together. i made clear that i don’t drink alcohol and i have no time to talk but the man kept bothering. he learned that i’m a russian, and as he was ukranian, he became very aggressive shouting many times that he kills russians, he will kill me and will burn my tent. long story short, after several attempts to attack me, running away, and coming back an hour later, he ended up in the police custody. i spent several hours dealing with the issue, including the time spent with an investigator at the police station. got back ‘home’ well past midnight and after preparations went to sleep around two at night. as the attacker is now identified, hopefully he won’t come back to bother me. will see.. i’m always prepared for surprises from anyone.


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