the solar power

last week i had little time to sit around somewhere and charge my devices. now it’s the time for a real field test of my portable solar panels which i’ve been carrying around for years, with no real use till today.

at my current camping place the sun shines for couple of hours only, in the morning when the sun is low — the solar panel runs on less than half a power which means i can use only one of the three power outlets. will need to go somewhere for longer and parallel charging. it may take half a day to charge a large power bank thus the solar panel will remain an alternative option to a power outlet.

perhaps i should leave my power banks to charge overnight somewhere, which i regularly did when living on street in italy, few years ago.

while camping it’s often a dilemma — whether to sleep enough or to go to have a free breakfast or to go to charge devices etc. — rarely there’s enough time for everything because between several places there’s hours of walk. last week when i had few medical appointments i simply didn’t go to eat and skipped other planned tasks.

when many appointments are in one day then the time to eat and hygiene is at night, taking from sleep. at night the solar panels don’t work so i can’t do several things at once. now i charge the power bank at least a little, not to run out of power on my phone and get disconnected from world.


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