donate if you can:

thanks for all support


you can contact me on my work e-mail address..

Mr. Alex Kobold: [at]

if writing in english is difficult for you then feel free to write me in french, italian, spanish or russian. i speak all these languages freely and understand perfectly but you must excuse me for some errors in grammar in my written responses.

as of today i’m in Paris if you wish to meet personally.


your best support to me would be a quiet place to live in exchange for some small jobs. by my education i’m a mechanical engineer so i can fix most of stuff, except some things which require special permits to work with, like gas and electricity. obviously i will need plenty of free time to continue writing books, producing music and being active in other creative fields. you may also donate of course, if you can.. (you will see on the paypal donation link my location in italy — i lived there for a while. i couldn’t change the donation link address to france where i’m now)

thanks again for all your support


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