some science facts which are not widely known — you may want to read the whole article.

the whole last month i’ve been intensively studying, and i have prepared for posting over ten short articles where i expressed my ideas in science, particularly in physics. those articles i have not yet published, because i need to rethink all over. why? i stopped short from sharing my already written ideas after i found out that there are many discoveries in science which are not made public, because they would halt a century of scientific understanding about how the universe works, which means that a big chunk of academia around the world would instantly be recognized as telling lies. countless science books will need to be scrapped and rewritten.

the conclusions in many of my previous, already posted articles about physics, make more sense to me now — i was on the right track in my logic in several issues in science which i had noticed, but anyway now i need to revisit the older articles as well. in my new, yet unpublished articles, i tried to conform my ideas, as much as possible, to the established science, to find errors in my logic and fill gaps in my knowledge by lerning those things i didn’t know. during my research i found out that some of the “proven” science out there is actually confirmed to be false.

as Albert Einstein himself has said, it may take a thousand confirmed predictions to prove him right, but only one experiment to prove the whole theory wrong. it turns out there have been many theoretical and experimental proves showing the theory of relativity to be wrong, both special and general relativity. the fact that relativity calculations can be applied in many cases doesn’t mean they can be applied everywhere.

here are some facts which are still taught wrong in academia, popular tv shows, and so on..
– fact: gravity doesn’t bend light, it is an optical effect, caused by corona of sun and gas clouds around galaxies. away from the corona of sun and gas clouds in space there is no lensing effect. confirmed by NASA astronauts.*
– fact: mass doesn’t increase in the speeds close to the speed of light. some physicists who know the fact, admit that they need to unteach their students now. confirmed by CERN scientists.*
– fact: GPS doesn’t use the theory of relativity. time is adjusted in GPS with clever engineering. there is effect from gravity but no effect from high speed of satellites. confirmed by engineers of GPS satellites.*
– existence of aether has been proven both theoretically and experimentally, using modern technology with modified michelson-morley experiment — i have written a long article about it before, with all necessary references and videos.
– redshift of light is observed not only in distant galaxies and supernovae, but also in many closer ones, suggesting a different mechanism for that effect than expanding universe.*
– there are observable events in universe which happen up to six times the speed of light and cannot be explained as optical illusions nor due to expansion of the universe because of relatively local nature. this is actually well known fact.. scientists are just scratching their heads still trying to explain it away.
– near the distant young galaxies, from way back in time, there are observed also old galaxies, suggesting the age of universe is way older than thought, thus the big bang theory doesn’t hold.*
– dark matter is not needed to explain rotation of galaxies, it is explained applying newtonian gravity equations taking into account geometry of the galaxies — for example bigger mass in center and in the arms of spiral galaxies.*
– the basic assumptions about blackbody radiation have been proven wrong. the old assumptions were made because of experiments and conclusions with flaws in them. those wrong assumptions have been the basis for deriving planck constants, which can no longer be taken as valid. the planck constants are the basis for much of cosmology and quantum mechanics. refer to works by P.-M. Robitaille.
– derivations of lorentz transforms have intrinsic mistakes in them, inclusions which don’t correspond to physical reality and lead to contradictions. as relativity in speeds close to speed of light is based on lorentz trarsfomation then the whole theory of relativity is wrong.*
– there are some more discoveries which are related to quantum physics, requiring understanding of specific math in which i’m not trained — nevertheless, the conclusions based on those discoveries are shattering for the still largely accepted view of quantum mechanics and understanding of the universe, which is still taught almost everywhere by the old school scientists ignoring the findings.

also, there are found mistakes in accepted mathematical truths themselves. new mathematical tools have been developed which address issues better than current math used in most of science. the errors in current understanding of physics come from a wrong use of certain math operations with negative numbers and with imaginary numbers. for example, the fact that square root of minus one multiplied by itself equals minus one, should rise quite a few eyebrows. to find out more search for the book “Nature of Negative Numbers” by Peter F. Erickson.*

there are literally thousands of dissident scientists who speak up, mostly those who are retired and are no longer restrained financially. those who are not dependent on their job in academia and established science can tell the truth without being gagged.

(*) you can find some of the above listed facts, with sources and proves, on this website..
.. there are more findings in different sciences contradicting the mainstream science, like conclusions about the shift of tectonic plates on earth, and other subjects which are out of my field of research, thus i didn’t mention all of them in the list above. also, not all of the facts in the list are from the single source — you will find the facts with proves by searching on internet by the topic, but you need to go through a lot of old school explanations before you find the facts — those are swamped by old and often no longer valid information. it will take persistence in search and critical thinking to get to the truth. definitely there are many more surprises out there already published but yet to be found by larger audience.

some of the facts in the list above have been known for decades, proven over and over again, but are still taught wrong in academia. it seems like personal interests of some older scientists in the position of power, the funding received on basis of their old knowledge and wrong theories, interests based on their continuous research, play bigger role in science than telling the truth.



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