the missing antimatter explained. the grand bang theory.

the missing antimatter could be explained simply: the aether exists everywhere, also beyond our universe, and different universes with more antimatter than matter are floating in the ever present aether. the universes are different similarly as stars in the universe have different elements in them. all the universes in the aether balance out the amount of matter and antimatter to total sum of zero.

it also means that entanglement of particles could exist between different universes and we may be able to get information about the other universes.

the process of creation of several universes at once could explain the rapid expansion in our early universe. after the initial uniformed expansion, the areas with the equal amount of matter and antimatter collapsed back to nothing, contributing to the more rapid expansion (inflation) of the area which is now our universe. it could perhaps be proven, as the previous surrounding areas, the other early universes which had collapsed, should have left some measurable traces to our universe.

the big bang could have been even bigger, a grand bang, but after the annihilation of matter and antimatter in large areas, the distances between the rest of matter had grown so large, that it limited the reach of interactions of forces. then the grand bang resulted in different lumps, in different universes.


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