what is the universe expanding into?

if the answer was “nothing”, then nothingness can’t be a repulsive “force” (actually an effect that seems like a repulsive force due to the impossibility of something to collapse into absolutely nothing). nothingness cannot be a measurable entity, thus universe expanding into nothingness is not the right answer. it must be an infinite space with possibly different properties than our universe.

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6 thoughts on “what is the universe expanding into?

    1. good question.. who knows. it may answer some questions, like imbalance of matter and antimatter after the big bang. thanks for the idea, got to think if there are any contradictions, because dark matter is found inside our universe as well.

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      1. Yeah! I mention it because i red a crazy statistic that 95% of the universe is dark matter and dark energy… and that actually agrees with this wild theory i come up with a while ago that our universe is ‘dark’, like a void or a black hole, or fully pervaded by an unknown dark anti substance, that effects positive matter all the time. Scientist say the darkness / dark matter speeds up the expansion of stars and planets apparently. almost like the planets are trying to ‘get away’ from the darkness i guess. As a side note, some guy on the internet had they theory that dark matter and antimatter were the same thing, I though that was cool. However I don’t actually no the difference, it is probably complex to the point I may not want to know.

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      2. well, ot was called “dark matter” by scientists because it soumded cool, to make the subject popular, but in fact that only means an effect which science currently can’t explain, because the calculations don’t match the observations. there are theories that explain the effects without dark matter, with a different theory of gravity, not what is told in the theory of relativity.

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      3. .. to correct you a bit: dark matter is an attractive force (adding to missing gravity), while dark energy is repulsive (expanding the universe). this doesn’t mean they really exist. apparently, when scientists can’t explain something, they throw in forces that would balance their calculations, and call them “dark” because they can’t see them.

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