the problem with gravity. and a possible answer what it is.

perhaps it is an open secret, but there are clear cues that physicists themselves don’t believe in the theory of relativity in its entirety. if you believe einstein, that gravity doesn’t really exist as a force, but is just an effect we witness due to the curvature of space-time created by the mass of objects in space, then there would be no need to search for gravitons and the related field. nevertheless, the search is going on. there are also other theories of gravity proposed by physicists, which i have written about (see the links to my articles below). all that proves at least one thing for sure: the theories put forward by albert einstein help to explain some phenomena better, but obviously not the best way.

in my view, big part of the hassle around the relativity theory is allegorically comparable to the complex explanation of the universe by the ptolemy’s view point, while the copernican model would do the explaining way easier. the “copernican” model of gravity is not found yet. there is a longstanding problem in physics, the countless attempts to unify general relativity with quantum physics, which would be possible with a theory of quantum gravity.

the solution i am proposing is to regard gravity as an interrelated phenomenon with time and entropy, thus with statistics and probability. it is explainable that way as a relation of effects, but the causes of gravity and time are not explained with probability. the causes i will explain below.

as always, when i am not absolutely sure about my conclusions (in the absence of mathematical proof), i post a “disclaimer” that one should look at my logic with a critical mind, trying to find errors in my reasoning. or to help me with proving my theory with calculations.

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so, here’s the theory.. or rather a definition which comes from my theory:

gravity and time, which are interrelated, are force like effects which we observe due to the impossibility of anything existing to collapse into absolute nothingness, getting their emergent properties from quantum fluctuations.


errors after errors, but popular ones — either on purpose or from blind belief.

if you listen to the explanations about time dilation due to speed, then most of them are wrong. they contradict themselves. especially those who claim that time dilation due to speed is proven with the atomic clock tests on planes and on gps satellites, which must make adjustments because their clocks are running faster. wrong proof! that only proves the effect of lower gravity in higher altitudes, away from earth, not the time dilation. due to time dilation, on the high speed satellites and planes, the time must go slower, not faster. total contradiction.

i wonder how one can tell the entire story and then not to see the mistake? mental blindness or copying from old textbooks without thinking? or perhaps making the errors on purpose to get attention and countless comments — in other words to become popular a monetize the controversy. thus.. i’m not publishing any of those wrong explanations here — internet is full of them anyway.

whenever you listen to or read an explanation, put your mind into it — too many of the theories out there come to a wrong conclusion, often exactly contrary to the logic from their own explanation.

below i post an explanation that makes more sense, regardless that i don’t agree with the time dilation part due to speed only. the eccentricity of the orbit of the satellites creates negative and positive acceleration, a local gravitational effect, which is more likely to be the cause of the time dilation, not the pure speed.

below in an excerpt from the article..

Relativistic Effects on the Satellite Clock.

Albert Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity apply to the clocks involved here. At 3.874 kilometers per second, the clocks in the GPS satellites are traveling at great speed, and that makes the clocks on the satellites appear to run slower than the clocks on earth by about 7 microseconds a day. However, this apparent slowing of the clocks in orbit is counteracted by the weaker gravity around them. The weakness of gravity makes the clocks in the satellites appear to run faster than the clocks on earth by about 45 microseconds a day. Therefore, on balance, the clocks in the GPS satellites in space appear to run faster by about 38 microseconds a day than the clocks in GPS receivers on earth. So, to ensure the clocks in the satellites will actually produce the correct fundamental frequency of 10.23 MHz in space, their frequencies are set to 10.22999999543 MHz before they are launched into space.

There is yet another consideration, the eccentricity of the orbit of GPS satellites. With an eccentricity of 0.02, this effect on the clocks can be as much as 45.8 nanoseconds. Fortunately, the offset is eliminated by a calculation in the GPS receiver itself; thereby avoiding what could be ranging errors of about 14 meters. The receiver is moving, too, of course, so an account must be made for the motion of the receiver due to the rotation of the earth during the time it takes the satellite’s signal to reach it. This is known as the Sagnac effect, and it is 133 nanoseconds at its maximum. Luckily, these relativistic effects can be accurately computed and removed from the system.


what is the universe expanding into?

if the answer was “nothing”, then nothingness can’t be a repulsive “force” (actually an effect that seems like a repulsive force due to the impossibility of something to collapse into absolutely nothing). nothingness cannot be a measurable entity, thus universe expanding into nothingness is not the right answer. it must be an infinite space with possibly different properties than our universe.

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