intro to my travel stories, all three parts, now available on podcast.

i have made good on my promise to post new stories which were already recorded. it took entire day to edit and format and equalize the sound levels, because i did it all on my android devices. the lack of disk space for the editing process forced me to uninstall tens of other large apps. anyway, now it’s done..

here’s the link to my podcast..

direct links to the new stories, recorded this year..
my travels in soviet russia, intro 1 of 3, borders
my travels in soviet russia, intro 2 of 3, borders
my travels in soviet russia, intro 3 of 3, borders

for a while there may be no followup stories on podcast and no many writings coming on the blog, because i began working again selling street paper (a magazine which i mentioned before on the blog). the attempt to get a longer working permit, for a year, was not successful (the immigration claimed they had never received the official letter from the company), but the company managed to get me a new temporary work permit, for another three months. in switzerland, three months per year is the maximum time as temporary worker, for european citizens, thus for 2020 that would be it, i must pack my stuff then and leave. anyway, it’s good enough for me to work a bit for some pocket money, and then to move on.

in any case i keep working on some science issues, trying to find solutions, and if anything interesting comes up then i will write about it.