after the army, the story of my life.

(videos from archives.. deleted by me, now posting again)

after the army, part 1 of 4

after the army, part 2 of 4

after the army, part 3 of 4

after the army, part 4 of 4

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old home, third floor, on the roof (leftside), entrance to cinema (rightside)


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a documentary in switzerland.

some time ago, in the post about my work as a street vendor of a magazine in bern (by the way, i am waiting for two months already a reply to the request to extend my work visa — the company has applied for me but so far there’s a total silence — no positive nor negative response from the swiss immigration authorities, thus i’m packing my things in my mind already — i can no longer work for the company), i mentioned a documentary in switzerland where i took part telling my story. here’s the link to the earlier post..

now, while searching in the archives my old video recordings, i found the film which i told about. it is mostly in german though (swiss german). there are some translation errors — i said “ireland” which was translated in subtitles as “iceland” where i have never been, and my first political asylum request was in subtitles “1990” when in said “1999” (when i mentioned the year second time, first time it was translated correctly). there’s also an error in my own talk when i told “spring” instead of “autumn”. anyway, you will get a general picture of my life at the time. the film was made in 2014, in the summer. the low video quality is because i found in the archives the file of reduced size, not the original file.

the parts where i talk are in english, in four places.. at 2’18”, 4’40”, 7’08” and at 12 min — so just wait if you don’t understand the rest, or skip to the right time.

here’s the short documentary film..


reloading old videos

i have began posting some of my old videos again, on the YE youtube channel..

rapidly evolving mosquitos.

this old video, from few years ago, is perhaps my very first attempt to tell a story on camera. the bad sound is because of the cheap and faulty camera and also because there was a storm outside with strong wind and rain banging on windows.

the story of my life.

for some time now i’ve been thinking about the format in which i should tell my story, the life i have been through. there are few things to tell which may get me into trouble again, since i’m still in exile and can’t return to my country without facing consequences of government corruption there.

i began telling my story on videos couple of years ago when i lived in italy. i posted the videos on youtube, but then happened the political discrimination (by several social platforms, including youtube) against free speech, blocking some known journalists. i decided to take down all my videos from youtube and discontinued sharing my posts on the social platforms which were restricting free speech, and were before linked through my wordpress blog. unfortunately, there are few free alternatives to get my stories out to a larger audience, particularly in video format, and one can’t really avoid using the services of those companies which are politically biased. i’m using the services of google anyway, because there are no better alternatives in some specific cases.

the videos of my stories were recorded with quite a bad quality, with a cheap chinese camera. i struggled to have and good sound — to keep sound stable on video i had to put random music to play in the room. a friend of mine said that the stories are very interesting but the music in the background was annoyingly disturbing. till now i haven’t been able to afford a good quality video camera, thus i opted to record audio only, testing different devices. there are few new stories recorded now, but first i will probably post again some videos which i recorded earlier, regardless of the bad quality — telling the same stories again is a kind of waste of valuable time in my opinion.. who is really interested to know will listen to the stories anyway. i know it because from time to time i happen to watch a video or listen to a podcast with a terrible sound, but i keep listening if the content is interesting.

i have considered telling my stories incognito, with a modified voice and under an alias, to avoid defamation claims, but after thinking about it literally for months, i decided not to hide my identity. in certain cases i must tell the stories without revealing the locations where something happened, or exact time, or without telling the names of people involved, all because i just don’t want to have any litigations in courts later, about supposed defamation or other reasons. i like to spend my time on studying new things in science, rather than on proving my point and rightfulness in courts, after telling the story of my life.

my recently recorded stories in audio may sound a bit secretive but now you know why, it’s because i was considering to publish the stories incognito. further on i will tell more details, perhaps, depending on the possible consequences to me and to others involved.

the old videos and the recent introduction stories in audio will follow soon. the videos are not edited, recorded in one go. the recent sound recordings are a bit edited — i put in a bit more effort now for a better listening experience. the sound is also possible to edit on my cheap android devices, thus i will probably be recording sound only in the near future, till i can afford a better technology, and can settle down somewhere without the need to be constantly on move, having my home in the backpack. in any case i will do my best not to need to edit anything, be it video or sound only, because it will be more natural, and it will save me valuable time as well, for learning new things.