false flag attack prepared, now follow corporate media to see the show.

VIDEO of fake chemical attack in Syria already complete, White Helmets co-produced footage – Moscow https://www.rt.com/news/480057-video-fake-chemical-attack/

[my comment: i suspect, that for the chemical attack to be believed, there must be real victims, because nobody takes corporate media seriously anymore, i mean intelligent and informed people. the corporate media in these days is taken as a side show to hollywood. that means real victims must be produced to public by the white helmets and co., paid by special interests. thus expect false flag victims, the film is just a preparation to a massacre.]

entropy without space-time.

the currently held theory, that the universe began from singularity, or is at least a rebouncing event from a previous collapse into singularity, seems strange to me — it has a contradiction in it. as i understand, all explosions and inflations are result of entropy, and entropy as such is set by the laws of our universe. by the accepted theory, before there was our universe there was no such thing as entropy, the notion of time didn’t exist before the big bang. if that’s the case then the big bang had no principle to follow, to occur in the first place, because without entropy no explosion or inflation is possible. if the big bang theory is correct, in sense that it did happen as described, then in my view it could only be the case if entropy is the main law of everything, be it with or without any universes. this would mean that our local space-time and speed of light and other relatively fixed phenomena are not there to remain constant but to decay over time. this isn’t necessarily measurable in our visible universe but it has to be the case in principle, if the big bang theory is true. if there was nothing and entropy still existed as the main principle, then nothingess as such doesn’t exist, it cannot exist. the implications of it are significant: if entropy exists irrelevant of universe being present, it also means that time exists without universe, because entropy requires the notion of time.. and some type of space had to exist before the space-time of our universe because entropy and time have no place without space. you see the problem? the theory of big bang creating our universe requires a pre-existing space-time, perhaps a different one, but with entropy. what happened during the big bang was creation of elements with their anti-elements, while the principle of entropy with time and space has always been and always will be. the ever-present principle of entropy must exist in all areas of the infinite space: in the area of our expanding universe and in the areas where there is no matter or energy present for the time and entropy to manifest itself upon.

by the way, for me it has always made no sense that scientists call entropy a principle of ever increasing disorder. it should be called the principle of ever increasing order, contrary to disorder, or ever increasing equality, equilibrium. if our produced goods decay, become ever more disordered, it is so only from our point of view as humans, which is subjective. science shouldn’t be based on subjective reference points, but on stable ones. universe is way more stable reference point for scientific concepts. from the perspective of universe all decay of things (and also matter itself) is not into disorder, but into ever increasing equilibrium, ever increasing order. that in turn means that statistically everything should fall into order (most likely, over time), into its place in universe, by itself, without exerting external force to any system.

the principle of entropy, if named correctly as self-ordering principle, has implications beyond science, into politics and the best possible structure of a society. exerting force will create disorder while freedom will create order — derived from fundamental principles of universe.

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