about my projects.

in this post i give information for potential investors, for collaboration proposals etc. — my contact data in older posts may have changed since i have moved from italy to switzerland, you find my most recent contact data here..

here are the links for general info about my projects..




the project of testing some methods of life extension. the details i will disclose on personal meeting only.


i’ll respond in person to the questions about how some of the projects are possible to monetize, if there’s any doubt about financial viability.

about the first project in the list you can have a better overview from my book “Random Fluctuations — From Roulette to Stock Exchange
(download my books for free)

the priority of the projects is in reverse: the most important for me is the last one on the list if i would choose where to invest first, but the investor(s) obviously have the say which projects are to be invested into as the most promising ones. on the last project i’m working anyway with no investment needed if not to expand it (not to make it accessible to larger public).

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