been traveling again.

i ‘ve been traveling now for couple of months.. or more.. i’m no longer in italy. been in switzerland and in france in several places, now again in switzerland. will see how my plans succeed here, i may return to france again. thus, just been busy choosing a place and trying to set up my new temporary home. temporary because i’m kind of used to change my homes after over 20 years of travel.. getting bored perhaps too quickly now, to be settled down somewhere… need some change after a while again.

more news: i deleted several posts from the YE blog because those were no longer relevant (videos deleted etc.). i deleted all the youtube videos from the YE channel. also, i reactivated some of my temporarily closed social media accounts and deleted them completely. why? if you have followed my blog and recent news about the issue of many large social media platforms discriminating against users, and abusing their trust, then you have a clue. i just don’t want to be part of any discriminating social platform, i rather avoid those companies and their services as much as possible. i can live without being in contact with too many people.. who needs to know has my phone number and can call me up to meet, to have some real life interaction.