surprise surprise.. or is it?

well, i finally have uploaded all of the planned stories (so far) to the YE podcast but not without an interesting development. the second sound file from the video story “after the army” (part 2 of 4) had disappeared from my device’s internal memory and i had to copy it from backup files. the video story has been on the YE youtube page most popular (among the stories of my life) — i talk there about the corruption i met back in my country (now part of europe) and the reasons i escaped from there.

well, i mentioned in one of my books and perhaps also on my blogs somewhere, that couple of years ago when i made many calls to different countries around the world on the same day, to my friends, just to use up my international calling credit, i got an incoming call from a north american number. it turned out to be from interpol — they asked me what was going on, that why was i making so many calls. to my response of having many friends i got warned to watch out. in the light of that surveillance happening to me i’m not actually surprised why the above mentioned file disappeared from my tablet’s memory. it’s nice to know though that someone cares about me so much.


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