my podcast stories up

with a bit of thinking and further tries i was finally able to upload the sound files to my YE podcast. the technical problem was (and still is) that the files are not possible to download from the sd card, only from the internal memory. anyway, some of my stories are up now — these are from my videos which i shot several months ago and posted on youtube, so if you want to see me telling the stories instead of just listening the audio then you can view the videos on my YE youtube page..

as of the YE podcast here’s the link to my YE “show”..

the link should forward automaticallly to the castbox app after going first to web browser, or if you don’t have an app then to the download option of the app. in case if the link isn’t working, or if you don’t want to install the app, then just go to the page and search for “youthextension” (one word) — there you can see my podcast and access my uploaded files to listen.

in the app you can boost the volume of the file and slow down / speed up the playback.


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