geoengineering reality.

geoengineering and chemtrails is a topic i’ve been sharing information about for many years, but some people are still in doubt. just one compact video from many more very detailed scientific video publications/documentaries ..

in the video above there are, perhaps by an error, included not all the shots of airplanes which spray chemicals — some are military decoys against missiles and some are simply water wapor trails.. but maybe those are inserted for comparison, to show the difference. after the intro there is a lot to take a note of.

(by the search on the YE blog i didn’t find any previously posted chemtrail videos or articles.. perhaps the time goes so fast that the last few years of the existence of the YE blog i haven’t mentioned chemtrails.. on my old blogs i published on the topic many times. thus, now it’s the right time to remind about the issue.)


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