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New region in human brain discovered.

World-renowned cartographer of the brain, Scientia Professor George Paxinos, Conjoint Professor at UNSW, has discovered a hidden region of the human brain. The region is found near the brain-spinal cord junction and Professor Paxinos has named it the Endorestiform Nucleus. /…/

The Endorestiform Nucleus is located within the inferior cerebellar peduncle, an area that integrates sensory and motor information to refine our posture, balance and fine motor movements. /…/

geopolitical nostalgia.

some ex-soviet countries are wishing to return to be part of russia, regardless not telling it out directly.. here’s just another hint .

“Based on the NSDC decision to impose martial law, the head of the General Staff – the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – has ordered to put all units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on full combat alert,” reads a statement released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Monday.

war coming..

“This morning at around 7 a.m. Moscow time, three vessels belonging to Ukrainian armed forces violated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea… to cross the Russian border,” read a statement from Russia’s federal security agency FSB, which is responsible for maintaining the country’s borders.

genetic modification.

it may sound like a contradiction that i am for genetic modification to prolong human life, to get rid of diseases, while i’m against genetic modification of the food we eat. there’s no contradiction, because i’m against the way it’s done with food currently, without having proper knowledge how it will affect us in long term. it’s like some child finding a car and without knowing the rules of traffic nor having skills in driving, just finding out how to start the engine and change the gears, is pushing the car forward in hope it goes in desired direction.. maybe it will, for a short while, but the final result is unknown. i remind you that we humans are about one fifth (20%) similar with plants we eat, in genetic code, so don’t be surprised that for many years already there are happening medical/biological miracles, in bad sense. there are plants and parts of plants found growing from inside human body, where they shouldn’t be able to grow due to the natural selection in millions of years creating a barrier. now it is happening in ever growing scale, in some cases even inside the human body without any sunlight. this is the direct result of genetically modified food how it’s currently produced, for fast profit and without proper care, without knowledge of distant future how it plays out for evolution. we need to learn much more about the basic molecular chemistry, and that’s necessary to do, but not applying the incomplete knowledge playing with the lives of billions of people. the consequences may be irreversible. but, at the same time, if the purpose of it is to clean up the world from too many people, then that may work. i suppose that’s also the reason why the scientists who modify our food genetically never eat the genetically modified food themselves.. and they admit that, for intelligent enough people to take notice. obviously they know more than they are disclosing to larger public which is destined to follow the corporate propaganda.. the world wouldn’t need them anyway if the future is planned for smart people.

speed and amount of time.

in the following description i mean the amount of time in width, not in length as the amount of  time between two different points in time.. i will describe the amount of time passing at any given moment, in connection with speed.

both speed and amount of time change the rate at which information is flowing through an object. the rate of information flow depends on energy in the system (gravity, heat) and also on the amount of information in any given location (in vacuum there’s less information). for one who studies, acquiring new information, the time around seems to flow at a different rate, depending on the person letting the information in or bouncing it back. a person who had almost stopped learning after school years will talk for entire life about the truths remembered from that period.. the person’s relative time had ‘stopped’ (continuing only in physical processes of body), while for the one who keeps learning, the amount of time at any given moment, the rate of flow of information, is bigger, creating in essence larger life. a larger life can mathematically be described as a longer life lived, compared to those stuck in the past in their knowledge.

(it may sound like one who studies more will age faster, but as i explained in my previous writing the ‘aging’ as such doesn’t exist as a scientific measure — it is the cumulative effect of damage in your body. thus, by undoing the damage you will not age faster — you will stay in the same health for ever.)

only by counting time both in speed and amount (in average width) we can tell how much someone has lived (in comparative length, mathematically speaking). one can in a single lifetime live a hundred lifetimes of another, when counting the amount of information they have been through in their lives.