Russia to hold live missile drills outside Norway amid massive NATO drills.

The Russian military will hold the live missile firing drills on November 1-3, amid the ongoing Trident Juncture 2018 NATO exercise. The war games kicked off last week and will go on until November 7, with over 50,000 personnel, some 10,000 vehicles, 250 aircraft and 65 ships participating.


about online shopping on ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ platforms.

these apps are very convenient to search for the products you need.. but.. keep in mind that ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ are a dumping ground for defective products, most likely discarded from factories and stolen by workers before destruction as faulty items. only occasionally you’ll get a product with a minor defect which doesn’t harm the functionality too much. you must document (photograph) all packs and items in them carefully while unpacking, to get a refund in case of significant defects, but be aware you’ll get blocked soon for “‘excessive refunds” because most of items are defective. (also take screenshots of the items on shop page in time of purchase). never buy memory cards — all of them have only few percent of the capacity from which is written and they don’t keep data. i would also advise you not to buy phone chargers — two of the chargers i received literally blew up spitting out fire and kicking out fuses in the house.. the gamble is too risky with those defective items.. they may also write on shop page that the charger is 2A max while in fact they send you a 0.35A charger — happened few times. too many lies on these platforms.. you must be a geek to see through the lies and to wish you’re lucky to receive an item with minor defects.

good luck with shopping.. once being refunded several times stop buying expensive items — be ready for your refunds being blocked, even for those items you didn’t receive.

personally i managed to shop on ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ for almost a year before being blocked. i mostly purchased electronics and support tech for the electronics — video cameras for different purposes (4k camcorders, water-proof action cameras, small cameras for bicycle, security/surveillance cameras, etc.), tripods, microphones, lights, rechargeable batteries and so on, also some other electronic devices which are online about 1/3rd..1/5th of the price you would pay in a local shop. i was always polite while asking for a refund and explained in clear technical language the defects (with no emotions expressed), with attached photos of the items. luckily for me every defective item which i asked a refund for got refunded, even expensive items.. until i got blocked recently. by this time i had already bought all i needed and only some cheap items are still missing — regardless of not receiving the items and their overdue delivery time i can’t get refunds anymore. so, ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ are not the place for me to continue shopping — i am not restricted to buy, but why to bother paying money if not sure about the quality of the items and about receiving them at all (well over ten items are still missing, for many months already, incuding three smartphones, two 360 cameras, and other stuff).

nevertheless, i must admit i am happy with the experience i had and i got my money spent very well — many of the completely refunded items are still possible to use, even though not fully functional as promised in the description of shops — for example some security cameras have very poor night vision but still work well with a good lighting, thus i can use them at night only with additional automated lighting. many electronic devices have no visible defects but have problems with software.. make sure you test all the functions thorougly as soon as you receive the items — there’s only 30 days to ask for a refund. this short warranty period is also one reason for low prices. also, the resolution of cameras may be less than promised on shop page, thus compare with other devices. one of the most commonly encountered lies on these shopping platforms is that the devices are water-proof (while even showing photos of using the electronic devices in rain and/or under water), which in many cases is obviously not the case when you inspect the received items how they’re built, thus limiting the use of them.

from me ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ have never asked the defective items (or wrongly described items for their capacities/qualities/options) to be returned, allowing to keep them after being refunded 100% including shipping fees, thus i have all the respect to the ‘wish’ and ‘geek’ shopping platforms regardless of being blocked on refunds — i suppose they didn’t make any profit out of me — i had so many expensive refunds while being allowed to keep the products. some refunded items are not useful at all for technical reasons but many are still possible to make a good use of regardless some limitations due to defects.

that’s my personal experience, but be aware that their policy in some regards had changed before and may change again.. they may begin demanding to send the refunded items back, maybe when they stop having their main business as selling defective products, and making sure the descriptions of items are what they really sell to you, not overblown in many ways.

reversal of aging continues.

Natural product found to reduce the level of damaged cells in the body, caused by aging.

University of Minnesota Medical School faculty Paul D. Robbins and Laura J. Niedernhofer and Mayo Clinic investigators James L. Kirkland and Tamara Tchkonia, showed it was possible to reduce the burden of damaged cells, termed senescent cells, and extend lifespan and improve health, even when treatment was initiated late in life. They now have shown that treatment of aged mice with the natural product Fisetin, found in many fruits and vegetables, also has significant positive effects on health and lifespan.

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