science vs religions.

there’s a war going on for survival of mankind, the war which lasts for thousands of years already. it’s time to decide the fate of future generations — abandon religions now, before it will be too late. if you keep protecting religions you’re part of the problem.


you create your death experience.

every morally wrong action will be punished at the time of death. call it the ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ if you wish, but i don’t mean it in religious sense. simply the time will “stop” at the moment of death, and even as for others who are still alive the moment of death of someone will look like a short passing moment, for the dying person it will seem like eternity. this isn’t my theory but proposed by others due to some evidence suggesting it to be the case. to prove it is difficult, more evidence is needed, but it totally makes a scientific sense.

all your morally wrong deeds will have its moment of justice in your own mind, depending on your own beliefs about right and wrong. the whole universe is written in your mind — even if your understanding of the universe is wrong, it is written in your mind such way. if you have created the understanding of ‘hell’ for yourself, then you will have it in the moment of death if you deserve it.. and for you it will last for eternity because the time will stop for you. if you believe in hell and have done something in your life wrong, at the moment of death it will come back to your mind and you will be scared.. as you’re scared your hell will begin. every living person has done something wrong — nobody is perfect — thus not a single believer ever goes to heaven, not a single one, every religious person will burn in hell which they themselves have created in their mind. those who are not religious will suffer too, but not as much, because in their mind there isn’t any eternal hell.

truth as a human right.

in human rights the freedom of religion should be replaced with the freedom to know the truth. every religion must be banned from teaching to underaged people, because they’re not capable of making up their own mind, to come to correct conclusions, are emotionally vulnerable and easy to lead to a wrong direction. teaching religious dogmas to minors must be equalized with fraud and with causing willful mental damage, and with damage to society. some people claim that religions have given to human society the undersanding about right and wrong, which is another fraudulent claim. the notions of good and bad, right and wrong, existed way before religions were born and established. these notions existed way before religions and are present even in animal societies, where those who behave bad are punished according to deviation from the rules the animals have for wellbeing of their small societies. religions are simply utilising those notions for their own benefit, with the price paid as retardation in overall advancement of human society. you have the right to learn about religions when you’re of a legal age, and then you can decide how to act, but damaging thinking of minors with religious dogmas must be banned, with protection as a human right for truth and with related international laws. religions could even be equalized with mental torture, and there’s enough proof for it to be the case, regardless that religions themselves claim to be a road to salvation.

the fact that some religious organizations are helping poor people is there just for a good look and a small price to pay by religious institutions for hiding the crime of enforced mental retardation of society and living out from it. if people would spend their time on advancing science as much as they spend on religious activities, there would be no need for ‘help’.. the society would be way better off without handouts, and with way better dignity of every individual.

willful ignorance in some cases is a necessity of life.

not everything that happens in world is happening because of you, is meant for you, or will affect your life in any way — not now nor in the future — unless you take it in your head and create a problem from everything. some things you happen to see or hear you must just let go.. the world is too big for everything to turn only around you. take your life easier.. just be happy as much as possible in any given moment. you should take seriously only the things that are certain to affect you, or very likely, and those you can do something about to change them, not being paranoid on every coincidence of happenings in life. coincidences in life are mathematically way more likely than most people suspect, especially so as your mind constantly tries to interpret things in the light of previous experiences, filling the gaps of information with made up connections, to make sense of the world. that’s one reason for superstition, unfounded beliefs and so on. if you’d be able to see only the truth, you’d be way more relaxed in life, but it probably be a boring existence as well.. thus the life is in necessary equilibrium. calling something good or bad doesn’t change reality around you.. it only matters in your head and for your personal happiness.

some asteroids heading for earth are impossible to deflect even with the best technology the world has.. thus enjoying the moment is the best option you’ve got.. without getting into unneccessary worries.