fx: my portfolio.

the math is all correct but for some reason i keep losing money even with several pleasant medium volatility moments.. i mean i recover some losses but never enough. i should have done better. this week i had to shift some positions between mt4 and mt5, because mt5 had reached its allowed limit on leverage — cannot increase bets on losing positions even though half cash is still in game. today i modified the overall strategy again, a bit. why? because in total, between mt4 and mt5, i’m some 20% in negative.. far from being broke but i don’t feel comfortable with such a trend. a modification was necessary not to continue going into negative with such pace. will see. i like it, it’s interesting: hard during practice should mean easy in real life. friday evening should be with a better trading outlook, to turn losses on some currency pairs into profits. in any case i’m in for a long strategy, not for a fast and risky ‘game’.

one and half decades later.. surprise again.

it’s kind of surprise to myself that i’m still getting surprised — for quite a while i’ve been thinking that nothing surprises me anymore. it was back in 2003, when i lived in japan, when i happened to watch a documentary about moon landing hoax. i love science, and this documentary was very well made, rising over ten questions which no scientist could logically explain, coming from the official moon landing videos/photos. hence began my deeper research about all kind of hoaxes and conspiracies, to come to my own opinion. not all of those impressed me — there are plenty of scam artists out there, seeking fame — but many did make me change my understanding about how the world really works. 

for this video below i keep my opinion to myself.. just watch it..

NASA FAKE – TOP 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Trust NASA