no sorry about the events in ancient history.

many people are complaining and sorry about the historical events which happened long before they were born. the fact is that if the history had not gone exactly the way as it did then there’s a high probabilty you wouldn’t be here. you have nothing to complain — you wouldn’t exist if history was different. however, you can research about the truthful account of the historical events — that’s another thing — but not to complain and not to be sorry.

you.. yes you, who are reading this.. you are the successor of the best from the best.. strongest, smartest and luckiest of all, a successor of those who have won all the battles — every single one of them — in millions of years of evolutionary survival. so don’t be a wimp, act as the winner, as the best.. and don’t dump into the evolutionary garbage bin all the victories of millions of years of your predecessors.. don’t be the dead end for all the victorious battles for survival.. it would be a shame.. but who cares really, about the losers.. winners will talk and walk their business, in their times in future.