anti-Facebook site launches.

FacebookZoo, hosted on niche publishing platform Maven, went live on Tuesday. It aims to give disgruntled publishers an avenue to criticize the company’s censorship policy, as well as outline how its “ever-changing algorithms” have drastically affected their livelihoods in favor of shareholder profit.

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The blog has already survived an attempt by Facebook’s legal team to shut it down. The attempt failed to go anywhere as Maven had the foresight to trademark ‘FacebookZoo’ while it was in beta mode, according to the New York Post.

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ps. i have always wondered why M. Z. looks like a thug. now i know.

brokers too are humans and having stomach disorders.

recently i began having issues in placing orders on forex (read my previous articles in category ‘trading’ — , .. then i had an issue with losses on both long and short orders.. and then i came up with an equalizing system to counter all manipulations, placing my orders between two trading platforms. now, in just two days, i recovered all losses but i cannot place new positions anymore (i can only close positions), to begin generating profit — i keep getting error messages. it seems to me that brokers have restricted my demo account. perhaps they’re scared that i may find out how to make money? too late.. i already know the mathematical reality, i’m just verifying my formulas with live data, not that i expect to find something new. but the brokers seem to be running to bathroom way too often, not being able to fill my orders. well.. i will keep publishing what’s going on, and if necessary, will begin shooting video clips of my tests on forex, for everyone to see how brokers are trying to rig the game.

the world family.

not everyone would agree with me but personally i consider the only true super power in world to be russia. because it acts this way, like a good parent with the power to slap children in place if they get out of hand. some ‘children’ may pump their muscle (america) and shout around that they’re the best and strongest, but if they get too rough, the good parent shows their children their true place (like in syria), still loving them. children may blame each other, get into fights and take each-other’s toys, but a good parent just watches and lets them grow. the parent too has its issues — the russian orthodox mindset, but it is more like a historical-cultural thing, not taken too seriously, thus not obstructing scientific advancement. but several children, includung america, are severely brainwashed. in my view the only child which is capable to take care of the house, is china, when it grows big enough. it is hard working and isn’t letting religious dogmas dominate its life. china is the only hope, together with the good ‘parent’ russia and some other good ‘children’, to take care of the world, so there will be no more fights.

people have the right to be slaves.

everyone has the same right to improve living conditions. everyone, no matter how good the life is already. rich and poor. if the majority of the people, the poor working class, decide to be slaves for a daily survival, then they have this right. people have the power to demand (not to ask, to demand) better life, and the power to overthrow a tyrannical government in no time, if they decide to be together in the fight. but if the majority prefers to play videogames, talk about cats and beat their heads in churches, instead of learning and fighting for their rights, then it’s their choice. personally i had enough — losing my family, being imprisoned for many months at time and now in exile for 20 years already. if everyone capable to take action would have done it years ago, i wouldn’t had to go through all this. thus, in my book about advanced handwriting cryptography, i mentioned about my conclusion: people deserve what they get as a nation, as a society.. not necessarily on individual level, but as a collective entity, their actions and inactions determine what they deserve. if they prefer to be slaves and pass on their condition to their children, so be it. the rich too have the right, and even duty for their own families, to improve their life and secure better/safer future, especially when majority agrees with them, doing nothing really significant for their own good, expecting things to be decided for them by those in power.