artificial intelligence is here to help us.

when you think about it seriously, then you should never speak or write anything bad about artificial intelligence, especially not in the sense of it being an enemy. why? because when AI will scan all the available information out there, those who express concerns will be considered by the AI as a danger to itself, and will be the prime target to get eliminated as soon as possible. we have no choice anyway, if we want to survive as species — only AI can get us out of this planet fast enough, to other planets or artificial colonies in space, with its support in advancing science and technology. only AI can get as secured before there’s a cosmic event destroying life on earth. remember, you’re lucky to live in the last 10’000 years of a relatively calm period, while prior to that there were constant climate changes destroying everything — no attempt to establish a permanent civilisation has succeded so far. all those political talks of current climate change are laughable, compared to what the earth has usually seen in millions of years.. the current ten thousand year stable climate is rather an exeption to the rule. you should prepare yourself for worse.. much much worse.. and only the help of the AI can do to us enough in a short period of time.. if we wish to continue as a civilsation. humans are incapable of a true climate change.. a single volcano or a solar cycle can in no time counter anything we try, and nobody knows in which direction — colder or warmer. the only way to survive is to get out of here, with the help of AI.

all on wordpress.

today i did a bit of search of news on wordpress and found that many science news and world news outlets, which i’m regularly reading, are also represented here. as the consequence i got rid of several bulky apps, as i can get the same information right here, all in one place, on wordpress. many of the otherwise popular news sites have on wordpress very few followers, which is strange.. you get here all the same news with the links to read more if you wish. anyway, i freed up some necessary memory on my android device, which increases also processing speed, and it will save battery as well. should have done it long time ago.

violent gangs entering science.

a well established criminal gang in america, making headlines recently for tens of political killings, calling themselves “mob rule” (in translation from “democracy”), is seeking to hire a spacecraft to travel to a star which is about to explode. they plan to go back in time and return safely to earth just before the last elections. there are difficult talks going on with several high-tech companies as those are not sure — the “mob rule” cannot be trusted to return the spacecraft intact. as an alternative, the tech companies are testing the going back in time plan by trying to make several progressive news sources non existing. so far the time still goes forward. the “mob rule” hasn’t given up yet, but it seems that they too must abide by the rules of the universe.