reversing ageing continues.

Key aspects of the ageing of human cells can be reversed by new compounds developed at the University of Exeter, research shows.

In a laboratory study of endothelial cells – which line the inside of blood vessels – researchers tested compounds designed to target mitochondria (the “power stations” of cells).

In the samples used in the study, the number of senescent cells (older cells that have deteriorated and stopped dividing) was reduced by up to 50%.

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Twitter says it will not ban Alex Jones and Infowars accounts.

The Twitter accounts of Alex Jones and his show Infowars have not been suspended because the conspiracy theorist hasn’t violated the rules of the social network service, company CEO has explained.

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nice move, but i don’t fall so fast for the twitter’s CEO explanation. Alex Jones isn’t the only freedom fighter out there and twitter has not the best track record of its attitude towards free speech. later on i may link back some platforms.. as i said, will see. i keep the links on my blog but no new posts on those platforms who’re playing god. for now the only source for my new posts remains wordpress.

i also unlinked tumblr but for another reason — for several months already it has an annoying conditions’ acceptance demand page every time i try to view it. i clean all cookies after every session in any browser, and i’m not willing to accept every time over and over again the same rules. tumblr should fix the platform to make it user friendly.

no more facebook, google+, twitter, youtube.

no more YE blog updates on facebook, google+, twitter and youtube — today i’m discontinuing the linked accounts to the YE blog. removing twitter is long overdue because of politically biased suspension of accounts. google owns youtube, thus the google+ is no longer the place to publish. if i find out some others are blocking free speech then i stop using those platforms as well, for delivering my content. i trust wordpress so far. few years ago, on my another wordpress account, the list of several hundred alternative documentaries, selected by me in many years of research, was blocked by a third party, some government agency. back then wordpress was fighting to take the block off and apologised for the issue, and they did get the documentaries back on my page. so, i have a good reason to trust wordpress and to keep publishing on the YE blog.