brokers running scared.

few days ago i began a new series of tests on forex. now brokers are blocking my trades.. well, i should have mentioned it in my book that many brokers are using illegal tactics, for example not executing your stop-loss orders, or doing it too late, when you’re out of cash, and playing out other tricks, to get your money. but it is so well documented and written about and there are even documentary films out there about the illegal activities of brokers, that i didn’t find it necessary to dedicate my time to write about it. as i know many dirty tricks of brokers from other people’s experience, this is another reason why i don’t use trading robots.. i do all trades manually.. and i take it as a compliment to my powerful mathematics that now brokers have no other way to stop me than just refusing to execute my orders. well, my trading strategy has a way around it — i can implement my strategy between several people.. the orders that are not executed can be placed by other people with my money. it is a bit inconvenient, but at the same time better.. for hiding the whole strategy.. so even the brokers won’t be able to figure it out completely, for using it for their own benefit.

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