test upload — trying to remove the wrong subtitles..

.. please bear with me, i’m tinkering with youtube settings to make the annoyingly wrong subtitles almost invisible — there’s no option to switch off the subtitles completely. now i’ve set on youtube both the text and background of the captions the same color and semi-transparent.. will see if it uploads/saves the video this way. maybe it only works for my own view of the videos — youtube has not specified that.
strangely, only the main camera videos show subtitles, while backup camera videos have none.. it should mean that the main camera or the wifi file-transfer adapter is producing the subtitles and adding to videos automatically. the manuals have no information about it, so i need to keep testing to find the source.


i’m still wondering where all these wrong subtitles are coming from.  i decided to upload the full size video from the main camera. to transfer files from main camera i’m using a wifi device which is not original to the camera, and which has an option to reduce the file size eight times — it is perfect for sharing videos online, but perhaps also the source of the wrong subtitles.

a note: the main camera and backup camera are both chinese average-quality 4k (supposedly 4k, in theory) camcorders, but different models. due to my cheap android devices, which aren’t capable of viewing 4k/2k videos, i only shoot FHD and HD videos.