gravity and entropy.

it appears to me, again, that gravity and entropy are related, inversely, either directly through some constant or in a complex way. i have mentioned it before in another post — — and now it seems to me that the gravity-entropy relation is quite direct. maybe even so much that gravity turns out to be a statistical phenomenon like entropy. need to think about it. i must point out that i am not a scientist, thus many things that i have learned in popular science literature and from science documentaries are in my mind accumulating subconsciously, without having much practice in expression of the scientific facts either verbally of in mathematical formulas. i like to understand things — you can forget facts but you can’t forget an understanding. so, i express myself in ways i understand things but not always presenting hard facts or mathematical formulas. this implies that some hard facts in some of my understandings may be missing, resulting in an incomplete picture of how the universe works. nevertheless, i feel confident enough to express some opinions which, through years of acquiring knowledge in many fields of science, don’t appear to be ridiculous and need to be looked at by specialists in specific fields of science. it would be a shame not to express an opinion which makes sense to me, even if it may turn out to be a wrong way of thinking in the complex nature of universe.

by a quick search on internet it is not a new idea..

.. and there are more. thus, i’m not going to elaborate on this.


there’s more in space-time, an opinion.

space-entropy-time (main camera)

space-entropy-time (backup camera)

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