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NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has started its search for planets around nearby stars. /…/ TESS is expected to transmit its first series of science data back to Earth in August, and thereafter periodically every 13.5 days, once per orbit, as the spacecraft makes it closest approach to Earth.

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our only hope is that space is infinite.

don’t get me wrong, currently a push for depopulation is truly needed, beginning with those who push for depopulation — lets start with them and then will see. but overall there’s no need to worry — the universe expands faster than we can populate it. in any case no religions should be allowed in other planets, it will eliminate many problems, and it also means that less than 1/10 of population can move on. the rest can pray for salvation. i praise the move that recently religious fixation has been decided to be a type of mental illness.. all of them should fall into the same category, not only extreme cases, but technically not all are truly religious neither — it’s just a business.. big business.

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Forex investment project [EN/FR/IT].

i’m seeking investors. before calling me on phone please send your proposal on the email — i will respond to all serious business proposals. you can write me in english, french, spanish, italian or russian, whichever of these languages is more convenient to you.


The exploiting of random fluctuations.

The project is to generate profit on stock exchange with mathematics based on over 20 years of computer analysis of random fluctuations.

The strategy is to gradually increase / decrease investment with very little but frequent steps depending on losses / gains on particular stocks, allowing to bet both ‘long’ and ‘short’ in certain stocks where prices cannot go to complete zero. Whatever the size of fluctuations there will always continue some purchases / sales of stocks, which process will continuously generate profit without waiting for good moments to arrive. The mathematical strategy is not that easy to apply as it may sound, but totally achievable if you know exactly what to do in constantly changing conditions, especially in extreme cases. More importantly, you must know what not to do, and here’s where my 20 years of experience in analysis of random fluctuations comes into play. I know exactly with which strategies it is impossible to make profit and why, and the few mathematical approaches that are working in all realistically possible conditions.

Significant volatility of the financial products is necessary to make any reasonable profit, but it cannot be too high as the necessary funds will increase more than the available financial resources would allow to play with. Thus the financial products to gamble with must be carefully selected. The best for this purpose are certain currency pairs on Forex due to smaller fees / taxes compared to other financial products, and a large leverage provided by many brokers. Forex is also perfectly suited for high-frequency trading, which improves the possibilities to generate profit.

By the popular and widely promoted methods of technical analysis it all comes down to human factors — news, greed, fear, so called ‘discipline’ etc. — which are in essence abstract notions and thus irrelevant in generating profit or losing money. In all of the well known technical analysis strategies the real mathematical sense is rather absent, and thus those financial results are dependant on chance, not on reliable strategies. If those strategies truly worked then everyone using those strategies would have been generating profit, with no losers, which is not the case.

In my strategy there is no guessing of market behavior or human factor related to global economy or news. In my strategy there are only clearly defined limits to what the formulas are capable of doing and what they are not suited for. Regardless of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ market conditions there will always be a mathematically justified opportunity to generate profit. The market ‘signals’ are completely irrelevant while applying my strategy, with the few exceptions when there’s a clear global change which affects certain stocks in a large way in a certain direction.. in this case the selection can be done to bet either ‘long’ or ‘short’, to minimize risks and to improve profit generation, but the mathematics remains the same. And even in case if the market goes in wrong direction from the predicted one, my mathematical strategy can handle this and generate profit, because there will always be constant changes in the portfolio, depending on wins and losses — the formulas won’t change regardless of losses or wins, only the values will be different. My method is not to bet large and wait, but to bet in small amounts over large portfolio while making constant adjustments based on sound mathematics, using verified formulas and proven strategy through countless tests with live data of financial markets.

The investment should begin with EUR 50’000 to 100’000 (or with other currency of related value), which would only be the initial total investment needed. The investment can remain on the same level though, but the above noted amount is the minimum to make any reasonable profit, to be worth spending time on the investment process. It will be better to start with the minimum, and after generating profit constantly for several months, to increase the investment. The method is thoroughly tested with live Forex data on MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms, with over 50 currency pairs, and during the period of many months. My latest proprietary mathematical strategy, developed in years of research, has generated profit in all tests, with no exceptions.

More information in my book Random Fluctuations ..

With Best Regards,
Alex Kobold
Cellphone: +41 79 390 0005 [ch]



L’exploitation des fluctuations aléatoires.

Le projet consiste à générer des profits en bourse avec des mathématiques basées sur plus de 20 ans d’analyse informatique des fluctuations aléatoires.

La stratégie consiste à augmenter / diminuer l’investissement progressivement avec des étapes très petites mais fréquentes en fonction des pertes / gains sur des actions particulières, permettant de parier à la fois long et court sur certaines actions dont les prix ne peuvent atteindre zéro. Quelle que soit la taille des fluctuations, il y aura toujours des achats / ventes d’actions, ce qui générera des profits sans attendre les bons moments arrivent. La stratégie mathématique n’est pas aussi simple à appliquer que cela puisse paraître, mais totalement réalisable si tu sais exactement quoi faire dans des conditions en constante évolution, surtout dans les cas extrêmes. Plus important encore, tu doit savoir ce qu’il ne faut pas faire, et voici ce que mes 20 années d’expérience dans l’analyse des fluctuations aléatoires entrent en jeu. Je sais exactement avec quelles stratégies il est impossible de faire du profit et pourquoi, et les quelques approches mathématiques qui fonctionnent dans toutes les conditions réalistiquement possibles.

Une volatilité significative des produits financiers est nécessaire pour réaliser un profit raisonnable, mais elle ne peut pas être trop élevée car les fonds nécessaires augmenteront plus que les ressources financières disponibles ne le permettraient. Ainsi, les produits financiers avec lesquels jouer doivent être soigneusement sélectionnés. Les meilleurs à cette fin sont certaines paires de devises sur le Forex en raison de plus faibles frais / taxes par rapport à d’autres produits financiers, et un effet de levier important fourni par de nombreux courtiers. Forex est également parfaitement adapté au trading haute fréquence, ce qui améliore les possibilités de générer des profits.

Par les méthodes d’analyse technique populaires et largement promues, tout se résume à des facteurs humains – nouvelles, avidité, peur, soi-disant «discipline» etc. – qui sont essentiellement des notions abstraites et donc non pertinentes pour générer des profits ou perdre de l’argent. Dans toutes les stratégies d’analyse technique bien connues, le sens mathématique réel est plutôt absent, et donc ces résultats financiers dépendent du hasard et non de stratégies fiables. Si ces stratégies fonctionnaient vraiment alors tout le monde utilisant ces stratégies aurait généré des profits, sans perdants, ce qui n’est pas le cas.

Dans ma stratégie, il n’y a pas de devinent sur le comportement du marché ou sur le facteur humain lié à l’économie mondiale ou aux nouvelles. Dans ma stratégie, il n’y a que des limites clairement définies à ce que les formules sont capables de faire et à quoi elles ne conviennent pas. Indépendamment des «bonnes» ou «mauvaises» conditions du marché, il y aura toujours une opportunité mathématiquement justifiée de générer des profits. Les «signaux» du marché sont complètement sans importance en appliquant ma stratégie, à quelques exceptions près, quand il y a un changement global clair qui affecte certains actions dans une certaine direction. Dans ce cas, la sélection peut être faite long ou court, pour minimiser les risques et améliorer la génération de profits, mais les mathématiques restent les mêmes. Et même si le marché va dans la mauvaise direction par rapport à la prédiction, ma stratégie mathématique peut gérer cela et générer des profits, car il y aura toujours des changements constants dans le portefeuille, en fonction des gains et des pertes – les formules ne changeront pas peu importe les pertes ou les gains, seules les valeurs seront différentes. Ma méthode n’est pas de miser gros et d’attendre, mais de parier en petites quantités sur de gros portefeuilles tout en faisant des ajustements constants basés sur des mathématiques saines, en utilisant des formules vérifiées et une stratégie éprouvée à travers d’innombrables tests avec des données live des marchés financiers.

L’investissement devrait commencer avec 50’000 à 100’000 EUR (ou avec d’autres devises de valeur connexe), ce qui ne représenterait que l’investissement total initial nécessaire. L’investissement peut cependant rester au même niveau, mais le montant indiqué ci-dessus est le minimum pour faire un profit raisonnable, pour être utile de passer du temps sur le processus d’investissement. Il vaudra mieux commencer avec le minimum, et après avoir généré des profits constamment pendant plusieurs mois, augmenter l’investissement. La méthode est soigneusement testée avec des données Forex en direct sur les plates-formes MetaTrader4 et MetaTrader5, avec plus de 50 paires de devises, et pendant plusieurs mois. Ma dernière stratégie mathématique propriétaire, développée au cours des années de recherche, a généré des bénéfices dans tous les tests, sans exception.

Plus d’informations dans mon livre Random Fluctuations ..

Meilleures salutations,
Alex Kobold
Téléphone portable: +41 79 390 0005 [ch]



Lo sfruttamento di fluttuazioni casuali.

Il progetto è di generare profitto in borsa con la matematica basata su oltre 20 anni di analisi al computer di fluttuazioni casuali.

La strategia è di aumentare / diminuire gradualmente gli investimenti con passi molto piccoli ma frequenti a seconda delle perdite / profitti su determinati azioni, consentendo di scommettere sia “long” che “short” in determinati azioni dove i prezzi non possono andare a zero. A prescindere dalle dimensioni delle fluttuazioni, continueranno sempre alcuni acquisti / vendite di azioni, il cui processo genererà continuamente profitti senza aspettare i momenti positivi da giungere. La strategia matematica non è così facile da applicare come può sembrare, ma totalmente realizzabile se si sa esattamente cosa fare in condizioni in continuo cambiamento, specialmente in casi estremi. Ancora più importante, devi sapere cosa non fare, ed ecco come entrano in gioco i miei 20 anni di esperienza nell’analisi delle fluttuazioni casuali. So esattamente con quali strategie è impossibile realizzare profitti e perché, e i pochi approcci matematici che funzionano in tutte le condizioni realisticamente possibili.

La volatilità significativa dei prodotti finanziari è necessaria per realizzare ogni ragionevole profitto, ma non può essere troppo alta in quanto i fondi necessari aumenteranno di più delle risorse finanziarie disponibili che permetterebbero di giocare. Quindi i prodotti finanziari con cui scommettere devono essere attentamente selezionati. I migliori a questo scopo sono determinate coppie di valute su Forex a causa di onorari / tasse più piccole rispetto ad altri prodotti finanziari e una grande leva fornita da molti broker. Il Forex è anche perfettamente adatto per il trading ad alta frequenza, che migliora le possibilità di generare profitto.

Con i metodi di analisi tecnica popolari e ampiamente promossi tutto si riduce a fattori umani – notizie, avidità, paura, la cosiddetta “disciplina” ecc. – che sono in sostanza nozioni astratte e quindi irrilevanti per chi guadagna o perde denaro. In tutte le ben note strategie di analisi tecnica il vero senso matematico è piuttosto assente, e quindi i risultati finanziari dipendono dal caso, non da strategie affidabili. Se queste strategie funzionassero davvero, chiunque utilizzasse tali strategie avrebbe generato profitto, senza perdenti, il che non è il caso.

Nella mia strategia non c’è ipotesi di comportamento del mercato o fattore umano collegato all’economia globale o alle notizie. Nella mia strategia ci sono solo limiti chiaramente definiti a ciò che le formule sono in grado di fare e a cosa non sono adatti. Indipendentemente dalle condizioni di mercato “buone” o “cattive”, ci sarà sempre un’opportunità matematicamente giustificata per generare profitto. I “segnali” del mercato sono del tutto irrilevanti nell’applicare la mia strategia, con le poche eccezioni in caso di un chiaro cambiamento globale che influisce in certa misura su alcuni azioni in una certa direzione .. in questo caso la selezione può essere fatta per “long” o “short”, per minimizzare i rischi e migliorare la generazione di profitto, ma la matematica rimane la stessa. E anche nel caso in cui il mercato vada nella direzione sbagliata da quella prevista, la mia strategia matematica può gestirlo e generare profitto, perché ci saranno sempre cambiamenti costanti nel portafoglio, a seconda delle profite e delle perdite – le formule non cambieranno indipendentemente dalle perdite o profitti, solo i valori saranno diversi. Il mio metodo non è quello di puntare in grande e aspettare, ma scommettere in piccole quantità su un ampio portafoglio, apportando continui aggiustamenti basati su una solida matematica, utilizzando formule verificate e una strategia comprovata attraverso innumerevoli test con dati in tempo reale dei mercati finanziari.

L’investimento dovrebbe iniziare con EUR 50’000 a 100’000 (o con altra valuta di valore correlato), che rappresenterebbe solo l’investimento iniziale necessario. Tuttavia, l’investimento può rimanere sullo stesso livello, ma l’importo sopra indicato è il minimo per ottenere un profitto ragionevole, per cui vale la pena dedicare del tempo al processo di investimento. Sarà meglio iniziare con il minimo e, dopo aver generato un profitto costante per diversi mesi, aumentare l’investimento. Il metodo è completamente testato con dati Forex live su piattaforme MetaTrader4 e MetaTrader5, con oltre 50 coppie di valute e durante il periodo di molti mesi. La mia ultima strategia matematica proprietaria, sviluppata in anni di ricerca, ha generato profitto in tutti i test, senza eccezioni.

Maggiori informazioni nel mio libro Random Fluctuations ..

Distinti saluti,
Alex Kobold
Cellulare: +41 79 390 0005 [ch]


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about my writings and videos — errors and vocabulary.

i do notice many grammatical errors in my writings, after reading them again, but if the errors aren’t changing the meaning i intended to convey then in most cases i leave the errors unedited.. because i have more important things to do. as a writer i have spent on some of my books so much time in seeking out errors, reading the books over and over and over again, that if i count whole the spent time on editing out the errors then i could have used that time in getting deeper understanding in one entire field of science. so, this is my excuse. i am not a native speaker of english — i began learning it properly only in exile, after leaving my country some 20 years ago. thus, my vocabulary is a bit limited too. it is especially clear while watching my videos — i don’t have time to edit videos, so i shoot them as is, in one cut and from first time, and that creates a pressure to find the right words fast.. and thus the many general substitution words instead of precise vocabulary. to recall a precise word for something i may need more than few seconds, which on video would be a too long silence. actually i write more fluently, not faster – just more easily, because i’m not under the pressure to get it all right from the first attempt, and if necessary i can pause to find the right word from dictionary, or to verify a word to make sure it is exactly what i mean, not ambiguous in the context. during video recording, if i realize that the exact meaning of a word needs to be verified, even if i seem to be knowing the word well, i prefer to use a general substitution word, where possible.. if not, then i explain the same thing over in other words, or clarify the subject in different ways. i do correct my writings sometimes, the next day usually, if i feel that a sentence may be confusing, to make the precise point, to convey my way of thinking more clearly. thus, if you’re a subscriber and have received an email, then it will be a good idea to visit my blog and read the latest version of an article. small irrelevant mistakes of grammar won’t grant my time to log into my blog, to wait the blog to download on my slow android device and disappearing internet connection, to edit, save etc. — each correction may take 5 to 10 minutes. (when working online my tablet also keeps freezing and crashing, several times a day, like under attack by hackers. this could make an editing of a single symbol in the blog more like a half an hour mission. knowing that i always work on several devices at time, and the restarting period of a crashed device i use for working on other devices, continuing to listen a lecture for example. this makes the 5-10 minute loss on editing a fair estimate). now you understand why i leave so many errors in. i do notice them.. but i came to compromise that i rather learn new things than spend this time on insignificant corrections on my blog.

anti-gravity explained.

if gravity turns out to be a statistical phenomenon, then it means that anti-gravity is possible.. you only need to make particles in an object to make vibrate in certain direction more often, in a concentrated way, or in a sharper way, like in inertia-driven experimental engines — this approach is proven and demonstrated in macroscopic scale long ago — technically it is possible, but slow and ineffective for a practical use. in energy efficiency it is tens of times better than internal combustion engines though, but as i said, slow, and also the mechanical elements wear out way faster. anyway, back to anti-gravity. the wrapped space around particles aren’t working, in my view, like a waterfall effect, like it is pictured in warped space pictures — it is simply a larger space in a more compact area as compared to normal space — you can move in and out of the wrapped/warped space freely, without an effort. the statistically more frequent vibation of particles towards the larger space in compact area, which pushes objects in direction of that warped space, can be stopped by equalizing the vibration. by moving the inertia of the vibration of all the particles in an object into desired direction, the whole object can be moved effortlessly in that chosen direction, without any inertia, because each particle takes the effect of inertia onto itself, including in living organisms. i don’t know how exactly it can be achieved — i am by training a mechanical engineer and my knowledge is limited in many fields necessary for this feat. in any case, learning many sciences in general, i clearly picture in my mind the physical processes that, if technically achievable, could create anti-gravity devices without inertia. the inertia will still be as usual within an object with many separate parts, like for example a human moving around in a flying vehicle, but the ‘gravitational’ inertia will be eliminated within the whole object, while for outside viewers the object will be moving around in space freely in direction where the internal inertia of particles will be directed. of course only, if gravity turns out to be a statistical phenomenon, not a physical force. the wrapped space around particles will solve many mysteries in science, as i picture it in my mind, like orbitals of electrons, ‘spin’ of particles which is theoretically faster than light, and perhaps others. as not a specialist i can’t say much more about it, but i picture in my mind that a wrapped space around particles makes many physical theories, which i have learned about, way more easily explainable.

there’s one man, John Hutchison, who had achieved anti-gravity of objects by vibrating them with different frequencies. before it didn’t make any sense to me because i believed that gravity is a physical force, but now it makes total sence. i had posted some of his videos on my old youtube account, which i discontinued years ago after too many videos had been blocked and taken down by youtube. maybe you can still find some of the videos there — here’s is the old account..
..the ‘design’ on the abandoned youtube channel isn’t random, it is an example of the cryptography method which i have developed and published a book about..