first 360×2 photos, test.



Android ..
Apple ..
PC ..


if downloading of the above photos is impossible try here ..

nb! you need to install the app/program SYVR360 by the links i provided or searching on internet (google play on android for example). the full size files of the images (or videos, when i will post them in 360×2) must be downloaded — if you crop the photos above then the downloaded app/program won’t recognize the files.

you don’t need virtual reality (VR) glasses.. your smartphone/tablet/pc will work perfectly allowing you to turn the photos around in any direction and in several modes. VR glasses are for gaming, i don’t play games and don’t even have VR glasses.. for me it’s a waste of time. for some professional training VR is good though. here i simply test the capacity to give a better overview of a surrounding when i will need it. some practical training so to say.