bk AHC: Writing without encryption. (26.1)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

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26 Future of the method.

The method of handwriting allows to separate it into different areas of application, also for a different purpose than encrypting data. And it also allows to make use of the cryptographic part of the method without using hieroglyphs.

26.1 Writing without encryption.

When there’s enough interest in different parts of the world then hopefully one day there will be groups of people who will be able to make another good use of the method of writing. It doesn’t have to be cryptographic but quite the opposite – creation of a writing system for representing any language with the same symbols, for easy learning to speak any chosen language.

No language exists which is capable of representing all the sounds from all the existing languages without significant modifications and additions to the existing characters in any chosen alphabet. As this writing method (with glyphs) allows representation of symbols in millions of ways I’m quite confident it will be capable to tackle any phonetic challenge with an ease, simply needs to be worked out by linguists. There are not so many ways to produce a sound, thus by creating the rules of representation of sounds within a single complex symbol (glyph) it is possible to have covered all sounds without the need to use many letters in combination. I imagine the set of a few hundred symbols will cover all spoken languages and maybe even less symbols is needed if used together with attached characters for sound modification.

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