bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-8)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
full book sellfy.com/p/ujMc / free examples sellfy.com/p/HQH3

After writing the initial version of the book in 2013 I’ve been also promoting lectures/seminars on the topic. Unfortunately, as I lived in the countries where people consider lectures in English not as prominent as in their own language, I didn’t have much success. Maybe also the topic is too difficult for a larger interest in public, especially not in the main language of communication. Most importantly, my financial means to promote the lectures/classes/seminars were almost inexistent — I created fliers, printed and copied them whenever some little money available from occasional one-two day jobs, rarely longer, and shared them on the street. Sometimes I got a possibility to print/copy for free and I used every opportunity. I also tried to find free local online services for such information, which would be popular enough. On some popular online sites for private buy/sell/teach and such advertisements my ads were not allowed to be published and the money I paid was returned. The excuse was as “not compatible with community standards” or something like that. Also my tablet’s virus protection and anti-spy apps began warning me when I installed the apps for those popular online sites. Thus I stopped attempting to promote my cryptography on these sites.

Here are some advertisements which I did while having temporary longer stops between the periods of almost constant traveling..

In Switzerland, 2014..


By the way, in Bern, Switzerland, I went to every private language school I could find — over ten of them — and proposed to include my classes of handwriting cryptography in their lists of classes. None of them was interested, even if they looked curious in the beginning. I have no idea why people are scared of cryptography.. that’s my impression.. people are scared.. curious, but afraid to get involved in any ways.
That’s entirely another topic, how people are enslaved in their minds, related to the politics and fear-mongering. Sure you already got an idea about my position from my political activism, but here’s something I wish to share: I have come to conclusion that generally (not individually) people deserve the life they get. Submission to authority as a nation or a large group of people isn’t a one time decision, but the personality traits and actions (or non-actions) of them as a whole, in majority, thus they deserve the results.

Here’s some of my street promotion in Italy, 2015..



These above are photos of the postcards which I painted, to promote the method. After few months of ‘selling’ I gave them all away for free because there was no point to carry around packs of them while the ‘business’ wasn’t picking up. It’s difficult to call it an art but I had to do something. At least I tried. People were curious but very seldom someone was willing to give money for a postcard where nothing could be understood what is written on them. In the back of the cards there was written the address of my website which clarified a lot to those willing to seek further information. By now the web domain I used is discontinued (at the time of editing the book) but hopefully I will soon earn enough and regain ownership of the domain name. Then I’ll be able to better promote the cryptography method and the book.

all my books to download.. sellfy.com/youthextension

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