Breakthrough for longer, healthier life.

Researchers have developed a new drug that has the potential to dramatically slow the ageing process and delay, or even prevent, major diseases in humans, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes and arthritis.

The Scientific Director of the Cancer and Ageing Research Program (CARP), Associate Professor Derek Richard from QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, said the breakthrough was built upon years of research focused on the ability of single-cell organisms called archaea to survive in harsh conditions, including the boiling, sulphuric acid pools of undersea volcanoes.

“Our research into arachaei revealed a ‘super hero’ protein, known as ssB1. But the real eureka moment came when we discovered that humans have this same protein, called hSSB1, in every cell of our bodies,” Professor Richard said.

“When we found that ssB1 was helping the archaea to repair its damaged DNA, we realised we might have stumbled across the basis for a new cellular treatment for humans, to control our ageing pathway and keep people healthier, for longer.

/…/ “This new drug functions by restoring the activity of the DNA-repairing,” Professor Richard said. /…/ “This drug, once fully developed, could actually be taken to protect high-risk individuals from cancer and other diseases,” he said.

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The book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography.

The book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography.

For several millennia, almost since the birth of writing, it’s been the dream of rulers and warlords to exchange letters without worries that someone could read their exchanges when intercepted. In the age of internet when almost anyone having proper hacking tools can read your messages, this dream of ancient powerful has found its way into the minds and hearts of common people. And now the dream has come true – the writing system which anyone can learn and customize the way that no unwanted parties can read, has been created. The new era of writing has begun. It’s the era when people can write with no worries about disclosure of their private messages.

code example


Legal Notice: The author of this book has used his best efforts in preparing this book. The author makes no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this book. The information contained in this book is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this book, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. The author disclaims any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. The author shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided “as is”, and without warranties.

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bk AHC: Content.

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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1 Introduction.
2 A bit of history.
3 Why handwriting?
4 Relevance.
5 The method.
5.1 Getting an idea.
5.2 Seeking the information.
5.3 Learning all the details.
5.4 Working on your own.
6 Basic principles of handwriting encryption.
7 Techniques of encryption.
7.1 Confusion / substitution.
7.1a Information carriers.
7.1b Noise and distraction elements.
7.2 Diffusion / transposition.
7.3 Other techniques.
7.3a Data points method.
7.3b Mathematical method.
7.3c Art method.
7.3d Hiding method.
7.4 Writing styles.
7.5 Using switches.
8 Encryption symbols.
8.1 Base hieroglyphs.
8.2 Characters.
8.3 Additional signs.
9 Lists of symbols.
9.1 Classic text symbols (TS).
9.1a Alphabets.
9.1b Numerals.
9.1c Mathematical symbols.
9.1d Other symbols.
9.1e Highlighting and more.
9.2 Cryptic symbols (CS).
9.2a Diffusion symbols.
9.2b Correction symbols.
9.2c Assisting symbols.
9.2d Modifiers.
9.2e Switches.
9.2f Other tools.
10 How complex code is good enough?
11 Systematization and memorizing.
12 Sharing and personalization .
12.1 Sharing with one person.
12.2 Sharing with several people.
12.3 Temporary sharing.
12.4 Urgent sharing.
12.5 Key delivery.
13 Securing the method for recovery.
13.1 Recovery of encryption method.
13.2 Recovery of encrypted data.
14 For developers.
15 Application.
16 Example of glyph parts.
17 Examples of code creation.
17.1 Basic code.
17.2 Medium level code.
17.2a Matrix of symbols.
17.2b Encryption symbols.
17.2c The creation process.
17.2d Description of rules.
17.2d – 01 Basic rules of the code.
17.2d – 02 Base cryptic symbols (BCS).
17.2d – 03 Attached cryptic symbols (ACS).
17.2d – 04 Separate cryptic symbols (SCS).
17.2d – 05 Creating additional rules.
17.2e Writing sample.
18 Exercises.
18.1 Attention exercises.
18.2 Drawing exercises.
19 Commercial uses of the cryptography method.
19.1 Cryptic messages project.
19.1a Guessing of messages.
19.1b Creating a lottery.
19.1c Promotional ads.
19.2 Cryptic signatures.
19.3 Cryptic orders.
19.4 Other commercial uses.
20 Writing music.
21 Advanced games for training.
22 Cryptography in social life.
23 Cryptography in gambling.
24 The highest level method.
25 Work on the book.
26 Future of the method.
26.1 Writing without encryption.
26.2 Encoding without hieroglyphs.
26.3 About the next challenge.
27 Artwork.
28 To print / copy.
– R-matrix.
– C-list.
– Drawing exercises.
– Samples of world writings, horizontal.
– Samples of world writings, vertical.
– Encryption symbols, example of different parts.
– Example of steganographic encryption.
29 Get in touch.
30 Legal notice.
31 Content.

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bk AHC: following chapters (27-28)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

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[ the following chapters you’ll find in the full book ]


27 Artwork

28 To print / copy.



Drawing exercises

Samples of world writings, horizontal

Samples of world writings, vertical

Encryption symbols, example of different parts

Example of steganographic encryption



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bk AHC: About the next challenge. (26.3)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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Perhaps there isn’t much to improve in the advanced handwriting cryptography method as such, because in the end everyone must come up with the details on his/her/its own, to make the personal code unique. The challenge thus is in making the method more convenient, to be able to write as fast as regular unencrypted handwriting, but not compromising the security of the code. There may be some tricks that I haven’t come up to as of yet, which I may discover one day. So far the method requires quite a bit of mental work, but I see it not as a fault — it’s rather an additional benefit. The challenge still is out there and I’m giving to it some thought from time to time.

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bk AHC: Encoding without hieroglyphs. (26.2)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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The encryption method can be used without the hieroglyphs, in an art for example — as I have mentioned already in the section ‘art method’ (chapter 7.3c) messages can be hidden in lines, curves, dots of a picture that has no resemblance to hieroglyphic script at all, not like in my ‘artwork’ in this book (chapter 27). The principles of encryption can well be used in steganographic way in many fields of life, encoding messages in sight of everyone while only those who know the key can get the message. Not sure that I myself be taking these steps in a serious manner, just having some fun, but these are the options to go further to anyone who would want to — to develop specific techniques for encrypting messages hidden in plain sight, while others cannot see there nothing else but just a painting or drawing, or just a regular text message while the encrypted message is hidden in cryptic symbols added to the text. On the pages to print/copy (chapter 28) I give an example of writing cryptic messages hidden in a regular text.

I did try to find interested people in that field. In 2015 in Italy I talked to many gallery owners in an attempt to get in touch with painters who would like to collaborate with me on inserting cryptographic messages into art. I failed to find interest in it. Myself I’m not a painter, very far from it, thus I know my limitations and won’t be taking this field up without a professional assistance. One day, after some specific training I may take up artwork in a sophisticated level as well, who knows. So far someone else could try, test and write a book about it, with examples of code creation, different possibilities of hidden messages in paintings, with basic principles everyone should follow and so on. Then it will be easier to put the method into practice.

For example in front of a safe can be a picture with encrypted code to open the safe. If that encryption art has to be developed from scratch, using only the principles given in this book, it will be possible but perhaps too time consuming for a practical use. When there will be a manual to follow, similar to the hieroglyphic writing, then it will be worth consideration by many.

I’m far from thinking that I have already thought of and written about all of the possible ways of using the writing method and the encryption method. I’ll be glad to learn from others the new ways of using the techniques of writing/encryption, so whenever free time I can take up a new journey in developing the methods further. The more challenging the task will be the better for keeping brain active and in good health.

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bk AHC: Writing without encryption. (26.1)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

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26 Future of the method.

The method of handwriting allows to separate it into different areas of application, also for a different purpose than encrypting data. And it also allows to make use of the cryptographic part of the method without using hieroglyphs.

26.1 Writing without encryption.

When there’s enough interest in different parts of the world then hopefully one day there will be groups of people who will be able to make another good use of the method of writing. It doesn’t have to be cryptographic but quite the opposite – creation of a writing system for representing any language with the same symbols, for easy learning to speak any chosen language.

No language exists which is capable of representing all the sounds from all the existing languages without significant modifications and additions to the existing characters in any chosen alphabet. As this writing method (with glyphs) allows representation of symbols in millions of ways I’m quite confident it will be capable to tackle any phonetic challenge with an ease, simply needs to be worked out by linguists. There are not so many ways to produce a sound, thus by creating the rules of representation of sounds within a single complex symbol (glyph) it is possible to have covered all sounds without the need to use many letters in combination. I imagine the set of a few hundred symbols will cover all spoken languages and maybe even less symbols is needed if used together with attached characters for sound modification.

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