bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-5)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

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I have gone through several refugee camps in different parts of the world, living unstable life ready to be arrested and deported at any time. And it had happened many times. Since having been imprisoned in several countries as the result of my political life, for many weeks and months at time, it was another reason why I wasn’t taking up the task to write a book little by little — I was never sure I could finish the book before yet another issue, which would have restricted my work for a long time. So, writing a book in a compressed manner, in a short and calm period in a stable place, was the only reliable option for me, to get the job done.
Here’s where I did big part of updating and editing of the book, in France, while the friend who permitted me to stay there was away overseas..


Maybe an irrelevant information, but to those of you who like to learn how a book is written, these pictures may give a better sense of it. As a poor man ever I also worked on the book in places where I had to go to get some free food provided by social services or by volunteers of different organizations. When I had a thought that needed to be written I didn’t waste my time till I got back to my temporary home. Often these places were very noisy, but I got around the problem by putting on earphones with some music on the loudest possible level and switched my mind off the outer world, working on the book.
Here’s yet another place, at another friend in France, where I lived several times for many months, and also did some editing of the book. Although that friend didn’t want me to stay there just writing the book. I was doing some of my official paper work and thus I used the time of waiting responses for research and writing..


My style of writing a book is to have a total freedom. Not that I need to work on it 12-15 hours a day, which I did for the general layout of the book in the beginning, but I need to have the freedom to jump onto writing at any point in time when an idea needs to be written down, not waiting for it half a day till the possibility arrives at last. Because in a busy life by that time when I can get to writing again some of the thoughts may have been lost and it’s a waste of time to try to figure out what exactly I was thinking back then while the new thoughts need to be written down in the short moments available.

Same with my first book which I wrote almost 20 years ago for students in my school of martial arts. Back then I had a family, two small children, a private school of martial arts, several businesses, and was also in almost constant move. I managed to take me off all the daily hassle for two weeks leaving other people in charge of urgent things in business and advanced students in charge of training, locked me up in the office and concentrated on writing the book on philosophy of thinking. I published the book on my own expense just a few months later, after a quick editing in about 10 days. My first book wasn’t written in English by the way, I could barely understand few words in English back then. It was a kind of manual for students of martial arts, not to repeat the philosophy to every new student — it was easier to give the book first and then to explain further if something was unclear. The book was translated the same year by someone I hired for it, but I never had the chance to approach publishers for the translated English version — my political problems had just began getting serious and I ended up in exile where I am to this day. The English version of my book on philosophy of thinking has been free to download on my different websites for over ten years.

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