bk AHC: Work on the book. (25-2)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

full book sellfy.com/p/ujMc / free examples sellfy.com/p/HQH3

During my travels I worked on developing the encryption method quite often, especially when there was nothing else better to do. I prefer to spend my life as fully as possible — learning, training, developing — thus while out in the wild and daily meditation done then it wasn’t an option for me just to sit around doing nothing. It would have been equal to wasting life. Then I worked on something useful, which may help my life is some ways, and cryptography was one of these useful things.

I must admit that my friends haven’t been very supportive with me about working on the book, those who knew it. Even though the book is a technical piece and on a unique subject, my friends still thought it’s a waste of time and were very much insisting on it, up to some of them having arguments with me quite angrily proposing that I should better fix my life — find a job and settle down. So, after meeting such ‘resistance’ several times, at some point I simply stopped talking about the idea of working on the book, which by this time was done in general but not up to the level to approach publishers in my opinion. Only occasionally I mentioned that it’s still in my mind and needs to be done. Instead of writing I was running around trying to find a job, which in total makes perhaps over a year of wasted time.. could have written couple of books in this time, but who knew in advance. Some small jobs helped to pay my phone bills and some other urgent things.

Below is a photo of my work place in Norway, in a friend’s garage, away from big cities. I enjoyed the place, and there the book on cryptography was first written. It took only few weeks to write the book when finally I got the opportunity in the summer of 2013. I was sitting in the office in a car repair company writing the book non-stop, living on coffee, sandwiches and occasionally cooked hot food..


I had to concentrate on this work entirely and it was done in no time when I knew I have the chance to work on it with no pressure. Every writer has his/her personal likes in writing a book. For me I need to take the work up and do it once, not leaving some parts for later time in life, who knows when, while finding another moment of free time. I finished the book in few weeks in 2013 and after a fast grammar check in the end I called it a day. But even during that time I had some issues. Here’s an excerpt from my post on a blog..

Saturday, September 21, 2013
/…/ sorry for not posting /…/ documentaries recently.. i’m working on my book on handwriting cryptography and mostly offline. each time i go online i must clean up the computers i used – believe it or not my computers are heavily under attack.. currently someone is trying to insert trojans and, surprise-surprise, by google applications — first got attacked heavily while using google chrome, removed it, today got the same trojans through google earth even without using it.. going to get rid of it too. i’ll take some time off from posting /…/

I wouldn’t have taken up the work if I didn’t have several computers and tablets in my disposition at this time. I kept writing without going online with the main device more than needed for uploading my work for backup, and even then I preferred to first transfer the files with the USB key to another device. Not being paranoid.. I simply don’t like to do the same creative work twice, thus the precautions were justified. Then the book was unchanged for over two years, but I did create some encoding examples in 2015 which I decided to include in the book in later times, so I was waiting for the opportunity to come. I asked several friends for the possibility to lock myself up in a quiet place, a villa or a garage, to work on the book, but nobody believed it’s a good idea, that almost nobody reads books these days and I’ll be wasting my time trying to find a publisher. But I decided that I will improve the original book earlier or later, and in the end I found a friend who provided me with a place to stay for a month in 2016, where this book was taking its current shape. Although it wasn’t a deal with anyone just to sit and write.. I did do some small jobs as an exchange for having a place to work on my own thing.

all my books to download.. sellfy.com/youthextension

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