bk AHC: Advanced games for training. (21)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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Already for some time I’ve had in my mind the idea to develop games, for creating more interest in the method and thus training in the capacity to read this kind of hieroglyphic writing. One example of the games is described in the cryptic messages project (chapter 19.1), a guessing game, but that’s a very simple version. The encryption method allows to create way more sophisticated games, not only for a larger public but also for trained mathematicians and cryptanalysis professionals, up to the point till they begin turning themselves in for a psychiatric assessment and committing suicides.. just kidding.
It may indeed seem too tough, but again, it’s like with music — if you learn to play different kind of instruments from notes, then picking up another instrument which is quite similar will be much easier.
The problem here is that for me games are a waste of life, except if they demand physical input and thus help keeping you healthy, or those intellectual games that don’t go over the same mental processes endlessly but teach you something new, practical for life — but then I don’t call them games, I call these activities training, to make the distinction. The distinction must also be made between those who practice and those who watch others practicing without ever having been engaged in the activities themselves in any serious manner, so called fans.
I haven’t played any computer games since I was perhaps in my twenties, or maybe I stopped playing games even earlier, before I joined army in 18 years of age. After the end of the service it happened that I played minesweeper in some rare occasions — I must admit wasting few hours of my life on it. Creating myself a game for this method of cryptography isn’t really my calling, but as you see I did try to make a business with it, offering my services to marketing companies.. I suspect that from my letters was possible to read out the lack of enthusiasm by some syntactic rules known to people in the marketing business, and that’s why I had so few responses regardless of a good idea.
I realize it will be beneficial for promoting the method to create some games so I’m open to this option somewhere in an unpredictable future when I’ll get nothing better to do with my life, which actually I don’t see coming. Life is very Interesting and there’s much to discover. The book has waited to be written for so long time because I’ve been traveling extensively, been around the world, meditating in high mountains in several places, living in many countries for a long time, and all this demands time. As I love traveling then I hardly imagine spending time on creating games, only on writing the book for few weeks or months.
For now I leave the creation of games to others who would like to get involved in making this type of cryptography a popular subject in peoples lives. With creation of games the cryptography method can get a bit better traction in popular culture I suppose, because there are so many people for whom playing games is the meaning of life. Creating games on the subject that can benefit someone’s life it’s not a bad thing. With the cryptography games the attention of at least some people will be taken away from the games that are completely useless in acquiring practical skills.
I’ll be happy to read about the encryption games from others who will come up with something, either described in this book or something new, while using the basic principles of the method. That’s my goal — to promote the method to the point till it will be a compulsory subject in the education system of every civilised country on this planet and beyond.