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just a reminder, some of the videos which i have posted on the YE blog, mainly by youtube platform, are duplicated on my vimeo account — https://vimeo.com/youthextension — in case they get blocked or removed. so, enjoy, there’s over 100 selected videos posted on YE blog in the few years i’ve been active here.. https://youthextension.wordpress.com/category/all-videos/

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a note:
– on Vimeo you can download videos directly.
– on YouTube there a restrictions, but for Windows there are several programs allowing to download anyway. for android system there’s only one app (to my knowledge) which allows to download videos from YouTube, called TubeMate — any ‘TubeMate’ on Google Play does not work with YouTube — these are there all fake. for your android phone or tablet you will need to download real TubeMate from an external source..

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bk AHC: Writing music. (20)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..

full book sellfy.com/p/ujMc / free examples sellfy.com/p/HQH3

As I mentioned in the chapter ‘Application’ even music can be encrypted using this method. Many years ago I even made an attempt to encode music. I have studied some musical instruments as a child, in a music school, thus the idea came naturally at some point. But that attempt of encrypting music was just fun, not for a practical purpose. One must be a genius to write music without playing an instrument, thus encrypting notes has no point — in most cases anyone can hear what you’re trying to create while you practice, and after all, music isn’t something you wish to hide normally. For some musical instruments this method of writing may be useful, for easier and compact reading while playing, without encrypting in a secret way of course, simply encoding for fast reading. But for most cases all the necessary musical writing techniques have already been developed perhaps to the best possible way it can be done. People have dedicated to this their whole lives thus there’s no need to discover a new way to do the same thing.