bk AHC: Cryptic messages project. (19.1)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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Some time ago I sent to many marketing and design companies around the world a letter with a project involving my cryptography method. I was trying to find interest in a project which would help to promote different types of products using messages which consumers would need to decrypt, to get a prize for the right answer. Obviously I was keeping in mind the most basic version of the advanced encryption method (described in the chapter 17.1), otherwise it would be an impossible task to find a correct answer.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter. From the original letter are excluded some parts like the examples of the script, links and contact information:

/ … /

The project is meant for promotion of different consumer products in a unique way, by using encrypted messages on the products, to let buyers to guess the meaning of the messages. It brings an extra interest to the products and a possibility to win prizes for those who happen to guess the encrypted message(s) correctly. The messages will be in handwriting cryptography, which is aesthetically beautiful and provides additional design value to the products. The messages can be put on vine glasses, cups, plates, pens, postcards, designer furniture, lamps, hand bags, T-shirts and other types of clothing, food packages and many other types of products. The cryptic messages can also be used for a lottery type of games and on public promotional ads, to bring an extra curiosity. The handwriting method is developed by me and is completely original.

For the purpose of promotion of products I will create a simplified method of encryption for each product. The matrix of symbols used (alphabet, numbers and their position in the matrix) will be for public to see on the website of the related product. The key for each different message will be secret (way to access the alphabet and numbers by the cryptic message). Between those who guess the message right will be shared a prize (or several prizes in the order of the right guesses made — first right answer gets a better prize). The cryptic message will be made public and prizes will be given after certain amount of products with the specific message is sold. If the product is sold out but nobody has correctly guessed the secret message, then more products will be put on market with the same secret message, the prize for guessing it right will be higher, and some hints about the secret message will be published on the product’s webpage. If a product won’t sell enough then the prize for guessing the cryptic message correctly will be made higher, while the price of the product don’t need to be lowered. When the correct guess has been made, then also the key of the code will be made public, together with the message, so anyone can verify its validity. After enough products is sold and the right answer arrived, then the price for the rest of the products, with already publicly available meaning of the message, will be lowered, which is an additional marketing tool. A new cryptic message (using a new key) will be put on following products, which will be sold for higher price till the message and the key of the code will be made public again. Depending on product there can be different conditions for participating in the guessing — for some products anyone can make just one guess, for other products a ticket of purchase will be required and a certain number of guesses can be made. The encryption method allows almost endless flexibility to accomodate the cryptic messages to specific products.

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Regardless that I sent the project to literally hundreds of well established world class companies I received only few responses, all negative (meaning no interest). One company responded that they don’t want to read the whole project (which I sent as an attachment and a link to the page on my website where the project was published), because as they claimed, they may be already working on a similar project and don’t wish to have any issues with copyright later. Well, I responded to that assertion that the project is unique as there doesn’t exist any encryption method similar to mine, at least not what I know of, and I have made a proper research to be confident in the non-existing competition in that particular method at the given time. But I got no more response. One company responded to my project proposal with a question as in which department of the company I would be interested to work. I responded that I would prefer to work as freelance, on contractual terms, seeing my part in creation of codes for promoting specific products. I got no follow up responses.