Becoming immortal (2018)

Becoming immortal – (VPRO documentary – 2018)



limited mind a choice of evolution.

to survive as species, humans are bound to advance through trial and error, being inherently incapable to play out all the possible outcomes in mind first. if humans had unlimited capacity of mind, thus unlimited imagination, then nobody would need a real partner and real procreation would stop, because the mind would create a better reality than available choices. i suppose those with almost unlimited capacity of mind and imagination are dropping out from the competition as they create their own happiness with little effort for true realization. this is not to say that all who are little successful in material world and look always happy have unlimited capacity of mind — an extreme can as well be just a mental illness, not necessarily well expressed. the difference here is the capacity to get real when needed, not to live indefinitely inside creations of mind. those who are trapped in imagination are not really in control of the mind.