limited mind a choice of evolution.

to survive as species, humans are bound to advance through trial and error, being inherently incapable to play out all the possible outcomes in mind first. if humans had unlimited capacity of mind, thus unlimited imagination, then nobody would need a real partner and real procreation would stop, because the mind would create a better reality than available choices. i suppose those with almost unlimited capacity of mind and imagination are dropping out from the competition as they create their own happiness with little effort for true realization. this is not to say that all who are little successful in material world and look always happy have unlimited capacity of mind — an extreme can as well be just a mental illness, not necessarily well expressed. the difference here is the capacity to get real when needed, not to live indefinitely inside creations of mind. those who are trapped in imagination are not really in control of the mind.

about watching television

several years ago one high-ranking secret services agent, while going public, has said it all: if there’s anything you need to do right now to improve your life it is to never watch television again. everything, almost absolutely everything that comes on screen there is designed to control your mind either directly or indirectly, by subliminal messages, be it news, ads, shows, music, cartoons for kids, whatever. nothing is left out of control, to make you believe in lies they want you to believe. you will never find out how things truly are by watching television, and you won’t be able to see through the deception, because you’ve been growing up with it. this was its original plan since technology became available, and it continues to this day. it may seem ridiculous, but the plan is now to make you believe only lies, and nothing but lies. then you can’t have even an idea what the truth is. your mind won’t be capable of seeing the reality. i think they’re succeding. i suppose you act at times impulsively, after the act thinking yourself why did you say this or did that or bought something you don’t need, expressed an opinion that wasn’t truly yours or even contrary to your true beliefs — this is the result of watching television. throw out your tv-set right now, that’s the best advice i can give to you.

about selling the AHC book online.

my intention is to make the method of handwriting encryption avai­lable for free to ev­eryone, thus in the free version of the book Advanced Handwiting Cryptography there’s all you need to know to get the point how the encryption works. in the paid version there’s everything explained just in more detail, and with the history of the me­thod explaining how i arrived to the lat­est encryption metho­d, how i wrote the book etc. — it is for those who can affo­rd to pay and to sup­port my work.

here are the links to download..
full book / free examples

by now it’s clear th­at the price of the book wa­sn’t the factor of low sales. first i had the price of the full book set at around € 30.-, for ab­out a year. then i dropped the price to just € 3.-, for about a year too, but the sales numbers remained the same. who’s been interested in the to­pic has only downloa­ded the free shorter version of the book. the subject is so specific, it seems, that larger masses are not interested, regardless that the book was intended for every humanbeing wi­th a properly functi­oning brain. anyway, now i set the price at € 99.- for the full book, while the free version remains free. and if you would like to learn more without paying anything then you can follow the excerpts from the book posted on the YE blog, with direct access by the domain linked to the category ‘encrypted’..