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bk AHC: Commercial uses of the cryptography method. (19)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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Apart of securing some data from access by third parties there are other uses of the encoding in hieroglyphic writing as well. I’m describing some other uses of the method in other chapters briefly, but to the commercial use of the method I dedicate entire chapter. Not only because it needs more detailed explanation but also because while implemented in commerce the encryption method will become popular faster than with simple promotion.

bk AHC: Drawing exercises. (18.2)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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Even if you’re good at drawing, having a lot of practice in precise hand movement, drawing the hieroglyphs which have a meaning in every line, dot, curve angle and so on, is quite different compared to an approximate representation of things where few lines more or less won’t make any difference. Also the Chinese and Japanese hieroglyphs do not compare in precision to drawing hieroglyphs for cryptography — it requires much more attention to detail than just general look of something represented in few almost careless lines. You must kind of learn to draw again, no matter what your experience.

That’s probably how you’ll begin to draw glyphs in my style of writing..


Here I give you some examples of glyphs to draw lines over them with ever greater detail (you don’t need to practice on this page — there are pages to print/copy in the end of the book — chapter 28, with the exercises as well) ..

The simplest glyphs, the beginning..


More complex and connected glyphs (as in these glyphs there are more details – which are important – and harder to understand, I include the sample script) ..


After several of the simplest exercises is easier to begin creating your own cryptic symbols of whatever design possible. As I mentioned, in the end of the book there are many glyphs to practice, on the pages to print/copy.. you can enlarge a copy if necessary in the beginning, and later to make another copy much smaller for the same exercise.

bk AHC: Attention exercises. (18.1. – B)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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These are two similar looking but far not identical scripts (part one of the exercise is on the previous page). Find the difference — just one. This little difference in writing will make a big difference in deciphering the code:

An example 1, part 2 – modified script:


An example 2, part 2 – modified script:


In the modified script of the second example there are four differences significant for the encryption method. Try first find the differences by visual memory, and only after the failure to find all the four differences compare the two scripts side by side.

bk AHC: Attention exercises. (18.1. – A)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
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With your friends you can help each other with some visual attention exercises. You can write on paper whatever script, initially without any meaning, copy it, then change just a few symbols a little bit in one of the scripts — for example extend a line or a curve or add a line with an angle, and then copy the modified script. Then ask your friend to spot the difference on the two copies of the script.

An example 1, part 1 – original script:


An example 2, part 1 – original script:


The original and modified scripts must both be copied because then one can’t figure out the changes made by the applied extra ink. The exercise should first be made with bigger differences in scripts and gradually with ever subtle differences, up to reasonable degree of course, for a practical script writing purpose. While making changes try to stick to the logic of hieroglyphic writing described in the book — not all the differences between hieroglyphs can count as differences in encryption — you will never be able to write the same glyphs absolutely identical, making rather hugely differently looking glyphs at first glance, but with exactly the same value, thus only the relevant changes to hieroglyphs must be made right from the beginning, even for the visual attention exercises.

The script comparison samples should be shown separately, not together, to have a better effect on training memory and attention to detail. If one cannot spot the difference then both copies can be shown together to find the difference. Then new examples can be created repeating the process, showing first the different scripts separately. After some practice everyone should be able to see the whole picture and be able to spot the difference (in short scripts) without looking at them both at the same time.

bk AHC: Exercises. (18)

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
full book / free examples

For improving your skills in the cryptography method with hieroglyphs there are only two specific types of exercises needed: to improve attention to detail within the glyphs and to improve the skill of drawing the glyphs with all the attention to detail. All the other skills necessary for the encoding method are not so specific to the method — many other fields of life train you in general skills.
Obviously, those who have learned the languages which use hieroglyphic writing are much better off in this method of encryption, but at the same time this previous skill of writing different kind of glyphs – with completely different rules – may even be an obstacle. Exercises are good for all, with any background in languages.