the absolute truth.

if there’s anything absolute in the world, encompassing everything, being everywhere, treating everyone equally depending how they follow the rules, then this is mathematics. your opinions, wishes and prayers won’t change its integrity.. everyone can only get it right or wrong. it’s available for everyone at all times — you only need to learn it to understand its workings. and if you do — if you believe in it, follow it and rely on it — then it will benefit your life more than you can imagine. there’s nothing closer to the description of god than mathematics. i believe in it more than anything else, because i can trust it — the mathematics always tells the truth, if you understand it correctly, and there are ways to verify it. if you listen to mathematics what it really tells you, it never fails you. you cannot disturbe its purity with your thoughts and prayers — everything has ever gone, goes, and will be going for ever according to the plan of mathematics. it is way bigger than you — it is impossible for any one person to grasp all the workings of mathematics.. you only need to learn enough of mathematics to follow its rules to improve your life, to rely on its help when needed. mathematics is pure and perfect — you will never be able to compete with its absolute truth and power.


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