wealth or health.

the more wealthy one is the less chances there are to achieve extreme longevity in good health. i don’t mean here just 10-20% better than average, where wealth can definitely have its benefits compared to poverty, because of better health care in case of accidents and some illnesses. i mean 100% better than average and way much more as the science advances (the rich can afford the developments of science first, but they are also the test subjects for a long term outcome, while the poorer people can later enjoy already tested longevity products for an affordable price), while not being unlucky to get seriously ill by an accident. why? because the more wealth you have the more you try to diversify its positions, not to lose all the wealth at once if the world would change dramatically. and perhaps have more investments for fun as well — to villas, yachts, airplanes, and so on. all that diversified wealth needs attention, which is time.. the time taken from your health, the time taken from personal development to achieve the extreme longevity in good health. extreme poverty is also not a good situation to be in, but even the very poor have better chances than the rich, if they only have an access to the knowledge to begin developing oneself. those who spend whole the life in dedication to an extreme longevity are no better off than the wealthy, because while spending almost whole the time for increasing healthy lifespan the net time gained is actually negative. let say one spends 50% of free time on health while the lifespan is only increased by 30%, then the net time lost is roughly 20%, taken from other hobbies in life, thus in the end having enjoyed the life less than an average person who’s not paying an extreme attention to every aspect of a healthy life style. that holds true even as the science advances and access to longevity products increases, because the ratio of time spent on research vs time spent on main interests in life remains the same. if one truly enjoys the research on longevity, and takes it as a hobby and maybe even as a source of income teaching others, then the time is not wasted of course, but for those who don’t really care they should rather stick to their casual quick mortality, trying to spend every free moment they can afford for enjoing their true likes and hobbies. wealthy people seem to have more time for themselves, but that looks so only to those who don’t know the countless worries, problems and obligations of wealthy people, far more numerous than the worries of working class people, not to talk about those cases where people are born into a wealthy family with business they rather not do, but are forced to, for ‘prestige’ of the family or other forced reasons. many wealthy people hate their lives, but can’t give up wealth for the benefit of freedom, because they simply don’t know how to live without that wealth — they’re not trained to (i’m not talking here about all cases, but many, some of which i’ve learned personally in different countries, from first hands, and having been in medium size business in the past myself i know all too well the stresses that come with it). i would even claim that average working class folks have more time to enjoy their lives than wealthy people do, especially when they love their job. and so the average folk can also have more time to dedicate oneself for achieving extreme longevity, and to remain in a great health till the time to go has come.