hackers fun

one of my android tablets is leaking information and regardless of all my firewall, antispy and monitoring apps i can’t figure out which app does it. the fact is that as soon as i connect to internet there’s a constant flow of information through the internet even as i don’t use any online apps. blocking by firewall the download manager of the system solves the issue, but then i can’t download/upload anything. probably the system itself has become leaky and i need to clean up whole the system, buying a new tool for going online if nothing works out. not the first time though, kind of used to it. in any case i never keep any valuable information, which someone could be after, on those devices with which i’m connected to the world, so it’s just fun to watch how some are wasting their time trying to hack my online tools. but still, i don’t like it in principle and when i’m getting tired of it, because it slows down the device under attack, i’m reinstalling the whole system. maybe i should keep the tablet as it is right now, dropping into it all kind of complicated but useless stuff, especially high complexity mathematical formulas and computer codes for different stock market platforms to break head on, with comments in chinese, which would take ages to sort out that this is all worthless.. then i will have a good laugh and will be left in peace after a while.