money or life, or both.

few years ago i was looking for investors to apply my mathematical methods on roulette. one potential investor, after i said that i’ve got a method to make money, said “oh, you must be rich!”. i responded that you can only get rich when you have money to invest. what is the point in making 5-10% a month gambling with only a few thousand CHF available (i was then in Switzerland) when the earnings won’t cover the expenses, in the end spending more for living (even very modestly) than generating profit, thus losing money and time. it will only make sense to gamble without wasting your time when there’s hundreds of thousands to move around. it’s the same as on stock market. anyway, i wasn’t able to convince anyone to invest in my math for roulette. maybe to find investors for stock market will be easier, i haven’t tried yet, but so far i’m still living a very modest life earning my income with occasional jobs. it would be nice to have lots of money available, it makes life a bit easier in some sense, but as i’ve written before i’ve got other priorities in life, way more important than running after big money. i know the power of my math, but i’m not that interested in running around for investors, bringing unnecessary and probably unhealthy interest to my activities, creating perhaps more enemies than friends because i wouldn’t be able to share all my trade secrets with everyone who would like to know more. i have made public all that one needs to know to begin calculations for particular investment purposes, so i should be left in peace with my more important activities in life, to enjoy the life more fully than spending most of the time on routine and boring activities for some numbers on a bank account. only “cracking the code” for generating profit on random fluctuations was interesting, it was a challenge — after it’s done there’s nothing new in it anymore, the same boring repetition of calculations over and over again, a total routine which you will begin to hate after a while. this holds especially true when you’re by contract obliged to do it for the investors’ sake, not for your own fun only once in a while when in the right mood for it. if someone comes offering me money to generate profit, i would spend on it a few hours a day or in a week, after the process is automated, but definitely not spending day after day long hours behind the computer screen trying to crunch out all that is theoretically and practically possible. you cannot earn whole the money in the world and it would be pointless — the life is not worth it, to die in the end without really having seen anything else but numbers on the screen. so far i’ve travelled around the world once — maybe now it’s the time to travel around the world once again, taking another route, through different countries. as one has said: life is like a book, those who don’t travel only read one page.