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i have edited the article a bit, adding some clarifications. the principle should have been clear already without clarifying, but just in case.

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dangerous mathematics.

the best way to protect against sudden accidents while knowing some secrets, is to make these secrets public. i’ve done it with my mathematical methods for roulette and now i’m doing it for stock market. the method can in principle be applied for any financial products. stock market is gambling like many casino games, just it sounds more serious, but like on roulette the random fluctuations are unpredictable. applying any technical analysis is no different from ‘guessing’ probabilities for roulette outcome. basically, throwing away all bs and analytical tools (you don’t need them), all you need to know is that there are only two ways for the market to move — up and down and nobody can predict the next move — thus even hedging between different products with similar sums of money will amount to nothing, just matter of time when you lose everything you earned and…

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i must add here a comment to my post from yesterday, on mathematics of harnessing random fluctuations for profit. ..
..the conclusion is based on my twenty plus years of work on analysing random fluctuations, as a hobby, but thoroughly, using my own computer programs to simulate gambling on roulette with countless strategies, and on my recent intensive study of stock market in deep detail. the described principle is the only one which works, but you also need to know precise values of application. anyone at home with math can figure out those values, depending where is needed to apply the principle. i have also written a book about it, about a year ago, but before publishing the book i need to do some editing. right now the book is more like a collection of different materials – my own published writings on websites, blogs etc., not arranged properly for easy reading. editing is a time consuming and quite a boring process.. i have better things to do right now, so it can wait. even the book on my advanced handwriting cryptography method, unique in the world, which i spent half a year working on and published online [ ] is going slow — i don’t see how the book on my math on harnessing for profit random fluctuations could have any success while there are thousands of books out there on gambling and stock market. thus, enjoy the article posted yesterday — it takes together whole the work of more than twenty years, without getting into details how i arrived to that conclusion and why this is the only way to beat the odds against you, both on roulette and stock market. for gambling on roulette you must also know how casinos are cheating and how to deal with it, and the process itself is very slow, thus i’ve decided to switch my attention to stock market recently. still it’s just one of my hobbies, besides more important ones like research on healthy extreme longevity, thus i’m not promising any further updates or any new posts/articles on this matter.

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