bk AHC: Relevance.

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
full book sellfy.com/p/ujMc / free examples sellfy.com/p/HQH3

I could simply give the principles of the latest encryption method, to explain the basics and the ways to personalize the code, but in that case you may not be aware of the precautions of use. It could be possible to explain the method in an hour to someone used to intellectual exercises, to regular challenges of the brain and to applying logic with common sense in daily life. But, there may be important points which are better to explain in detail right in the beginning, not letting it to wait till someone gets the point later, maybe even too late.

You can make use of the encryption method with hieroglyphs only if you know the basic principles of most classic encryption methods (also the weaker ones), the possible attacks on the codes and so on. You can find general information about the attacks on codes on the internet, by reading the history of encryption and how the historic codes have been broken. I’m going to explain the principles of my methods of encryption by showing you the way I’ve gone through and you’ll see why I have discarded some previous methods as not the best. I consider it important because if I’ll show you only the latest and most advanced method you may come across the idea to simplify it. So, by showing you the simpler methods you will see why some of these may be not a good idea to use for writing down codes or other important data in every occasion. At the same time, it is also good to know them because these simpler methods are still handy for writing down some less critical data, like personal diary or something, which you wouldn’t want everyone to understand by accidentally leaving it around. Also, the simpler methods are a good training for your brain, to get used to the kind of hieroglyphs involved in the encryption.

For my surprise, while making overall research on cryptography in 2011, trying to find on the internet any news about advanced handwriting codes, I didn’t find any. They were still talking there about centuries old methods, outdated and cracked long time ago, and about very complex ones (or very inconvenient ones) used by the military during world wars and during the cold war era. And lately all the talk has concentrated around the internet security, while the handwriting cryptography has obviously been forgotten. Well, everyone today knows that internet will never be secure in terms of protecting your private information, even if it’s technically possible to secure, thus creating your very own code is more relevant now than ever before.


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