bk AHC: Why handwriting?

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
full book https://sellfy.com/p/ujMc / free examples https://sellfy.com/p/HQH3

The reason to keep developing the methods of handwriting cryptography even after the beginning of computer security age is the impossibility to rely on computer encryption only. Whatever a company may claim about impossibility of cracking their code the only secure method is the one having no third party involved (or if shared between several people then no unwanted parties). You can only rely on the method of encryption you yourself have created or customized an existing one. My goal was to develop a method which everyone can modify, to create their own encryption systems while knowing how to do it. I think I have succeeded in the goal, surpassing my own expectations on the security of the method, and you’re going to see it for yourself.

On the market there are available encryption tools for hiding messages in a picture for example, so someone may even not know where to look for a message to begin decryption with. This method is called steganography, which is the art of hiding messages in plain sight, so to say a branch of cryptography. Still, as there are used certain algorithms of encryption created by unknown to you people you can never be sure that these pictures won’t carry a specific signature allowing another algorithm to find the pictures where a message is hidden. With my method of encryption, after you customize the code and add some original tools, you can paint a picture yourself including in it a hidden message, while no-one can ever guess is it a hidden message, an art, or you simply tried your pen.

The handwriting encryption also provides you with greater stability for recovery of the messages compared to the ever-changing computer systems and their encryption methods. I have ‘lost’ lots of data, including collected material for one of my books I was planning to write: hundreds of pages of philosophical thoughts from great thinkers (including myself of course, obviously). The collected ideas are still there somewhere on an encrypted backup disc, but to recover the information I must buy an old computer (with the same system which was on stolen computer), to install the same encryption program (which doesn’t work on new systems) and so on. It would have been easier to recover the data encrypted in handwriting.


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