one way of thinking ..

one way of thinking of a “god” is like some experimentator with much higher technology than we can understand today, creating a world or several of them, in one of which we have ended up. the experiment may be left going for a while on its own and the god may have a look at the results every once in a while.. and restarting the experiment at some point if he don’t like the results. in that scenario ending up in a paradise or a hell isn’t a guaranteed result depending on your behavior but just a probability, because god may choose to put some of the best of us under a greater pressure, to continue an experiment so to say, and some of the worst of us may end up in a “paradise” just as a control sample to compare the results in the next level of the experiment. in that case, if the god is just an experimentator, with a plan or not, you can never be sure where you end up after your part in the experiment is over. so do those who know nothing about god.


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